Argentine Woodland National Park

Geographical location

Ushuaia (ushua)

The fireland National Park (8)

is a small city, also a harbor, if you open a world map or rotating the globe to find it, you may have to pay more than a fold, but I have to say: except for the Antarctic In addition, ordinary people from our farthest can live and live. You will not hesitate to discover its exact location - the southernmost part of South America, a small town on the Magellan Strait and Hengjun (Siyerra del Fuego), known as "World End ".

Indian meaning

Ushuaia in Indian is the meaning of "viewing the bay".

Main Attractions

Tour from the hotel to the fireland national park, also known as Lapataia. In the tour, you can enjoy a variety of plants in the local area, with a variety of typical scenery, and the scenery changes with the season in the year. You can also enjoy existing animals, especially in this region, unique otter, which is good at building dams, affecting the normal flow of rivers, causing floods in some places, causing drought in others. The tour will arrive at the Bay of Enselada, where I can see IslandOdad. Then reach the Rosa River, and finally return to the hotel according to the original road.

Lake Dark Lake and Farno

Argentine Woodland National Park

Argentine Woodland National Park (5)

Depart from Ushuaia, 54 km north along the No. 3 national road and reaching the dark lake. On the road, you can see Olivia Lake, Five Brothers and Olivia, Bridal Falls, Calvahar Valley, Big Land Valley and Parrot. The highest point on the road is the Garbaldi Mountain, from this attraction, you can see a 400-meter cliff with a dark lake, behind the lake is Faulno. The Petrell hotel on the side of the dark lake provides us with a break foot. Continue along the 3rd road, we entered the sawmal area in the woods in the woods, and then went 45 km and arrived at the Kazaken in Lake Farno. This is one of the largest lakes on the island. On the way back to Ushuaia, we can see the dams on the beaver at the exit of Turbio.

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The world's ending train

from Ushuaia Departing 54 km north of the National Highway No. 3. The southern railway is from its world at the end of the world. The station is located in the camping place of Aleman's Bishop City, 8 kilometers from Uquorian City, in the middle of the Pimpo River Valley. Using old prisoners trains, people entering the fireland National Park enters Canadelto Canadeltoro. The road is 14 km. Train level: tourist level, head level and president. Landscape: river, waterfall, mountain view, forest. There is a café, bar and travel souvenir shop on the car. You can purchase souvenirs.

Big Canal

from the local port, take a modern bibli boat, sailing in Ushuia, can see from the sea The most southernmost city of the world. Behind the city is Olivia and Maltiar Mountain, then the five brothers, steep slopado and Olivia, you can see Fick and Turneve estate, have arrived in Islands and Lesecleireurs Lighthouse This is a silent testimony that is sinking in Sesers in Sesers in 1930. On the way back to Ushuia, you can watch Lowz Island (Wolf Island), followed by Bird Island, Bridge Islands, until it is called a small strait, re-enter Ushuia Bay.

Tourism instructions

The main climate in the southern city is the annual average temperature of 7 degrees Celsius. In this cold zone, the hottest month is February, with an average temperature of 13.5 degrees Celsius, minimum temperature of 5.2 degrees Celsius. The average temperature indicated by the thermometer in July is 4.6 degrees Celsius and -1.2 degrees Celsius.

Shoes: Any kind of sneakers, such as snow boots, slippery shoes. Wear thick socks, best socks or cotton socks. Do not wear adhesive shoes, ski shoes or women's high heels.

AC affects

Original place of residence

The fireland is the original Indians, Yang and Allak Lufang resident.

Nautical Magellan

October 1520, Navoa Magellan discovered and named the Malan Strait named by his name, first seeing The local indigenous residents illegally burned on the island, named this island as "fireland island".

Biologist Darwin

1832 - 1836, since the British biologist Charlie Darwin examined the fireland, the island was famous. Vibrate.

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