Application layer gateway

Application Protocol

Gateway at the seven-layer protocol of the application network:

OSI is an open traffic system interconnect reference model, he is a definition Good agreement. The OSI model has a 7-layer structure, and there are several sub-layers per layer.

I simply introduce these 7 layers and its functions.

OSI 7 layers from top to bottom are

7 application layer

6 representation layer

5 session layer

4 Transportation Layer

3 Network Layer

Application layer gateway

2 Data Link Layer

1 Physical Layer

Among them, The 7, 6, 5, and 4 layers define the functions of the application, the following 3, ie 3, 2, 1 layer mainly facing the end-to-end data stream through the network.

The security gateway has a firewall figure on the application layer and the network layer, and the VPN function can be seen on the third floor. The safe gateway of the anti-drug wall acts in the second layer. According to the seven-layer level limit, the high-level agreement can take the principle of the low-level agreement, and the development of the security gateway is going to the line of the high-level agreement.

The difference between the gateway and the router:

The gateway is an IP access to the router, and other computers must be able to access routers with an IP segment of the gateway, such as routers. The IP is (this is the gateway) is also the address necessary for the router. Other hosts must also be 192.168.0.x (any number between 2-254) so ​​that the router can be accessed, which is said to go online. The gateway address on the computer will be filled in


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