Apolltle Islands

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The north of Wisconsin, USA, is located in the southwest of Suibei Lake. In 1970, there were 20 islands (an additional one in 1986), including 21 islands and Near Bayfield Peninsula, is famous on the island, famous red sandstone cliffs, waves The rushing vault and big cave, the landscape is magnificent when icing in winter. There is sandy beach and ice-cold lake. The Islands is probably named by the Jesuit Missionary of the 17th Century to commemorate the twelve apostles. La Pointe is located on Madeline, Madeline island in the Apoll Islands. In the past, there is a federal trading point. Some people live in all years, and they are not part of the national lake.

Apolltle Islands

Natural Environment

Islands covered by mixed coniferous forests and northern hard wood forests; the logging industry is an important economic activity. Wild animals include white-tailed deer, black bear, jungle wolf, otter and beaver, but these animals are rare. The number of birds such as white sea cavity, lourn, donkey, duck and seagulls are numerous. There are 6 light towers on the islands, all of which are automatic control; the exterior of the Lighthouse of Lasbury has been restored to the early 20th century. The old woods with white pine, trepidation, cedar and birch are still growing in the past for the winners of the lighthouse.

Other remains of the hut history of the Islands can be seen in the brown gravel quarry on the three islands in the late 19th century and the fishing cottage of Manito, the latter is a fisherman to build near the fishing ground. Residence. The National Hubin District Management Office is located in Becte, located on the east bank of the peninsula. Private boating, fishing, marine leopard boat, diving is a common activity. Subibei Lake Chipper Indians Redcliff reserved the mainland part of the national lakeside area. Take a private yacht or seal boat, from Beceld to the Madelian car ferry from Beffield to Madelne. Winter ice-break is permitted to walk through the lake to someonends.

The world's largest freshwater lake

Subilia lake, North America five major northwest and biggest one is the world's largest freshwater lake, and the world is second to the second largest lake in the sea. (Zihai is a salt lake). The northeast of the lake is Canada, the southwest is the United States. The lake is 616 kilometers long, and the wide range of 2,57 kilometers in the north and the south. There is an average sea level at sea level and 82103 square kilometers, the maximum depth is 405 meters. The amount of water is less than 12,000 cubic meters. There are nearly 200 rivers into the lake, with the largest in the Nikong and the St. Louis River. The main islands in the lake include Royel Island (US National Park), Apostel Islands, Mickey Pinkten and St. Ignas. Along the lakes, the scenery is beautiful, and the population is scarce. The water quality in Subilia is clear, and there are many winds and waves in the lake. Seasonal fishing and tourism are the main projects in the local entertainment industry. There are a variety of minerals. There are a lot of natural harbor and artificial ports. The main ports include Canada's Sandbe and Tacott, USA. The annual navigation period is 8 months. The lake found that the French explorer found that the lake was taken from French, meaning "Shanghu".

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