Anti-ballistic missile system



Anti-ballistic missile system

The working process of the anti-ballistic missile system is: detecting the tracking sub-system search for enemy launch Missile, discover the goal, immediately issue a warning and continue to track, and transfer the tracking data to the command control division system; command the control division system to process the received data, generate combat data and transfer to the combat weapon division system; combat weapon division system utilization These data are intercepted against the hit missile. For different anti-elastic missile systems, intercepting battle can occur in the booming section of the ballistic missile flight (ie the missile takes off to the engine offline), the middle section (the missile or the split warhead in the atmosphere outside the flight stage) and then enter Segment (the missile or warhead re-enters the flight stage of the atmosphere), intercepting the battle can be low in the atmosphere, and the atmosphere is carried out outside the atmosphere and atmosphere.


According to the anti-injury mechanism of the attack missile, there are three ways to deploy or develop abroad: one is to use the intercept missile warhead explosion The resulting broken film killing hits the missile, the US "Patriot-2" system and the Russian "S-300" series and the "Antai-2500" system belong to such a class; the second is to use the kinetic energy warhead, use the intercept missile and the target directly collide Destroy the attack missile or warhead, such as the "Patriot-3" system of the United States, "The War Area High-altitude Regional Defense" system, etc .; third, the use of directional energy weapons and high-energy laser beams and destroyed missiles, USA The laser system is a representative of such systems.

Excellent countries

One of the countries that are the most active development and proliferation of anti-projectile systems in the world, according to the different operational tasks, the United States is currently developing two types of anti- Ballistic missile system, namely the battle area missile defense system and national missile defense system. The Warband missile defense system is used to protect the US overseas garrison and facilities, friendly, and allies from the attack by short-range, mid-range and medium-range ballistic missiles. The war area missile defense system can be loaded on the ground vehicle (land base), warship (海基) and aircraft (empty group). The National Missile Defense System is a land-based ballistic missile defense system deployed in the United States. It uses a direct collision method to intercept the target outside the atmosphere. It is used to protect the 50 states from the United States from a limited number of remote ballistic missile attacks, but cannot defend a large scale. The ballistic missile attack and the short-range ballistic missile attack launched near the US local coast.

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