Antarctic radiation

Basic Cases

In the Antarctic radiator, almost containing salt-free cold water from the Antarctic continent flows to the warm water with high salt water. In this way, the Antarctic split belt is not only a marine geography, but also a marine biology line. In the south of the radiation, all creatures live in a very special environment to form a unique marine ecosystem. Therefore, the Antarctic radiation strip is a seaflood, water temperature, salinity and biological leap band surrounding the Antarctic continent.

area size

is bound to the Antarctic radiograph (50 ° to 60 ° in the South). Southern China and the Pacific, Atlantic and the Indian Ocean constitute the South Ocean. The total area is about 38 million square kilometers.

Geographic Boundary

Antarctic radiating strip is a very obvious natural geographic boundary. Here is the place to flow to the north Ocean surface water (0 one 300m water depth) and the warm ocean water flowing in the south, which is a special difference in the seawater temperature and salinity of the salinity. There is a special difference in the ocean on both sides. The geographic location of the radiation tape is between 48 ° and 62 ° in the South, is an irregular circle. In the Indian Ocean, the South latitude is 50 ° near the south latitude, between 55 ° ~ 62 ° on one side of the Pacific.

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