Angangxi District


Angangxi district derives its name from the station name. The formation of the early Qing settlement, the late Qing Dynasty, said Ange Qi village, the sound transfer this name.

After the 1926 Ang Tao railway opened to traffic, many people moved to the new city Taonan, Tongliao, in particular, became a colony of Japan, the population significantly reduced.

1937 Nian city population was reduced to 1.3 million people, the original more than 4,000 Russians left more than 200 people, while the Japanese increased by more than 30 600 people.

1938 Nian Manchukuo system implementation Street Village, Longjiang County belong to Angangxi Angangxi Street.

1945 "nine three" after the victory, in June 1946, under the new set of Long Dong jurisdiction of the county, the county government in Angangxi Street.

1948 March will be incorporated into the Longjiang County - East County, setting the ninth district.

1952 October set up district-level high-spirited town.

1954 October was placed under the jurisdiction of the city of Qiqihar, then set Angangxi municipal area.

1961 In August the area was placed under the management yushutun Angangxi area and renamed the agricultural branch.

1973 years, the Corporation transferred the suburbs Shuishiying Angangxi area.

administrative division

As of 2018, Ang'angxi District exempted four streets: new streets, new street, North Street Road, forest machines streets.

2 towns: Elm Tunzhen, navy camp Manchu town.



Angangxi JUNIOR center zone lies in the south, north latitude 45º53 '~ 48º56', longitude 122º24 '~ 16º38' of between. East tiefeng district and Duerbote Mongolian Autonomous County, west Fulaerji area and Meris Daur District across the river, south of Taylor County, in the north bordering with Lonza. An area of ​​753 square kilometers.

Ang'angxi District


temperate continental monsoon climate. Four Seasons significant features: dry and windy spring, hot and rainy summer, early fall fleeting frost, cold, dry winter long. Annual rainfall of 415.5 mm, annual average temperature 3.2 ℃, heat radiation and abundant sunshine, rain and hot season, it is highly conducive to the growth of crops.

Angangxi District


geological structure belongs to the second junction Neocathaysian settling with the third and the uplift of the whole territory Nen Plains through faults. Low-lying South High North, north and east are Xiaoxing'anling south, central and southern Nen River alluvial plain. The average altitude of 200 to 250 meters, the large landform is relatively simple, the Nen River alluvial plain accounted for 94% of the urban area, hilly landforms accounting for 6%.


Land Resources

By 2010, the area Angangxi available land resources and more flat, arable land 7000 hectares, 2100 hectares of grassland, reed pond 1300 hectares, 3800 hectares surface.

Mineral Resources

As of 2010, Angangxi non-metallic minerals, mineral area based, in particular, huge reserves of quartz sand. Allah has been developed from the new oil and gas fields is only 40 kilometers, recently unearthed large reserves of oil and natural gas.


By 2010, the area Ang'angxi abundant water, ground water from the deep diving Glutenite composition, the average water layer thickness of 136 m , abundant water, good water quality. Located Nen River, Nen River water supply capacity of 10.6 billion cubic meters / year.


Angangxi area is just 18 kilometers away from Qiqihar City, Binzhou, flush by two railways from the region, a total of three parking sites, which Angangxi station is Beijing Moscow international train ride down to the station. The area has seven railway yard, eight dedicated line, nearly the total line length of 40 km. The construction of the highway through the Qi-rich area, the industrial city of Qiqihar and its surrounding counties Fulaerji fused.

Population and Ethnic Groups

As of 2010 Angangxi area population of 100,000. The territory inhabited by the Han, Manchu, Hui, Korean, Mongolian, Daur and other 16 ethnic groups.

2010 Nian 11 Yue 1 Ri Lingshi was the sixth national census population of 80,109 people Angangxi area as the standard point.

According to the seventh census data, 2020 at 0:01 on November day Ang'angxi District resident population of 67824 people.

economic development


regional GDP in 2013 to achieve 1.5 billion yuan, an increase of 16.7%; public finance budget revenue of 35.08 million yuan, up up 22%; the region above-scale industrial added value, the main business income, profits and taxes to complete the 900 million yuan, 1.38 billion yuan, 48.43 million yuan, an increase of 23.8%, 12%, 10.6%; per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 14,165 yuan, an increase of 10%; rural per capita net income reached 10,215 yuan, an increase of 13%.

In 2020, the GDP Ang'angxi District area accumulated 11.576 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 14.82 percent, of which, a production, secondary industry, tertiary industry added value of 1.534 billion yuan were completed, 6.012 billion yuan 40.3 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 2.75%, respectively, 11.49% and 36.59%. Public budget revenue totaled 325 million yuan, an average annual increase of 5.06%. The whole society Gudingzichan investment totaled 8.618 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 3.73%. Scale industrial added value totaled 4.744 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 9.1%.

First Economy

2013 Nian region's total agricultural output value completed 799 million yuan, an increase of 3%. The region's rice acreage to 7.3 million acres Angangxi area development; development of vegetable growing area to 1.66 acres, of which 10000 acres of greenhouse vegetables, vegetable cultivation technology demonstration center co-built area 141 vegetable greenhouses, 45 solar greenhouse, area reached 323 acres; the development of aquaculture water to 5.32 acres; the region's dairy cow population reached 17,000. New dairy farming area 2, as HTC dairy farms, dairy farms for animal husbandry day funds to support 1.8 million. Farmer cooperatives continues to accelerate the pace of development, the newly established cooperatives 156 new farmers join a company 1551, the total number of farmers join a company reaches 7457; Green oldest rice-growing cooperatives adopt the development model leading enterprises, 1.25 million mu of rice cultivation, the annual output value 24.37 million yuan, an average of 160 yuan per mu to achieve the second dividend. Accelerating infrastructure construction in rural areas, fully completed elm Tunzhen land restoration project, the new 2835 acres of arable land, an area of ​​1950 acres of dry water improvement, increase the annual output value of 3.59 million yuan.

second economy

2013, the region's newly introduced 24 projects, total investment of 2.75 billion yuan, has completed an investment of 655 million yuan. Where: 4 billion project, 50 million yuan more than 12 projects. The introduction of the world's top 500 Chinese building materials North Shuinigongsi investment of 590 million yuan acquisition of Haoyuan Shuinigongsi 70% stake, through the reorganization of assets has injected new vitality into the enterprise continue to grow and develop. The total investment of 210 million yuan Aetna biological nisin projects have been put into trial production stage. The total investment of 450 million yuan HIT high-tech industrialization base project, by the HIT group and laborers to build a school-enterprise cooperation projects, in August 2012 to start the construction, completed 11,000 square meters Steel plant construction. Hong Son Heavy forgings 60,000 tons of construction projects, equipment installation in progress. Speed ​​up the construction of the park Angangxi industrial SMEs, large square profiles, Qi Xiang Construction, Two Hundred machinery, building materials and other scientific and technological CLS 14 enterprises under construction, total investment is 910 million yuan, 330 million yuan has been invested, some enterprises has been put into operation.

third economy

2013 Angangxi total area of ​​retail sales reached 420 billion yuan, an increase of 11.9%


elm river bend scenic resort

elm river bend scenic resort was founded in 1993, is located 15 kilometers southwest of downtown Qiqihar, with a total area of ​​16,000 hectares . Lonza famous resort built Villa, Dresser-Rand Island Resort, irrigation and technical training centers and other tourist attractions, features a fishing pond, entertainment, open-air dance floor, Wangjiangting, beach playground and other recreational facilities, which can accommodate more than 300 people at a time room and board. Nen large expensive pump station turn to a steady stream of water in acres of rice fields. In order to fully tap the rich tourism resources and tourist areas, the resort is planning a line of five districts, referred to as "first-line five areas" namely acres of paddy field-based agro-ecological zones, beach sports area, River recreation area, river Island Mountain area, children's entertainment district and a five activity areas Nen golden waterway day trip line.

Su coma Park of tourist resorts

Su coma Park Resort is located in Forest Park Qiqihar navy Angangxi District, was founded in 1994, the year construction was completed and, during construction falls sensation in the world of Soviet missiles gram-Levy comet hit Jupiter, in order to commemorate this important astronomical phenomenon named. The village covers an area of ​​two hectares, the construction area of ​​3,000 square meters, housing design blend ancient architecture and modern style, family structure, services and facilities more complete. Outdoor built a yurt, open-air swimming pool, fishing games, the Great Wall village, fountain, simulated battlefields and other recreational facilities. Can accommodate more than 200 people recreation room and board. Su Park Resort coma deep cultural meaning, here everywhere exudes a strong culture, a symbol of the Soviet Union coma Park tomorrow and in the future, known as the "urban village village outside the village." Improve its beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural flavor combination, attracting visitors Plus pick this holiday.

Soviet Martyrs

Soviet Martyrs located Angangxi North Station. Cemetery north to south and 122 meters, 60 meters wide, an area of ​​7,320 square meters. Cemetery consists of a Soviet martyrs monument and sixteen Martyrs composition. August 8, 1945, to commemorate and remember those who lost their lives in the war, in the north of the train station built Angangxi Soviet Red Army martyrs cemetery, buried the bodies of martyrs. The annual festival, Angangxi the masses spontaneously to sweep Martyrs cemetery, the cemetery has become a base for education in patriotism and Guojizhuyi. In the cemetery around there are a lot of Russian architecture, these century-old Russian train station, clubs, homes, depot workshop 'like Russian-style buildings, Qiqihar is the only one Russian customs area. The district government will make full use of the favorable conditions and actively consult with the departments concerned, the development of Russian-style tour project.



2013 Nian Ang'angxi District completed the second primary school teaching building standardization of the main project, yushutun primary school teaching building expansion project and November 10 schools of secondary schools, twenty-fifth high school and other new construction, maintenance, equipped with a whiteboard for the 140 class, the replacement of the 325 sets of teaching computer.


2013 Nian Angangxi ruins rescue protection facilities construction project bidding has been completed; navy forest parks, scenic sites of ancient culture passed the Provincial Tourism Bureau AA level scenic area review; Navy forest Park Resort & Spa completed a lake dredging project, roads, landscape sketches and 5 villas repair work, opening up tourists. Russia completed the Movies and TV drama "Moscow international trains through the station" 14 theme songs. Organized Walking, fitness and other sports activities 15 times. Garden is Hong Son, flying crane Ming Yuan, Founder village, culture area with fitness equipment.

medical industry

2013 Nian new District Health Authority main office building project has been completed, the standardization of health building 18 administrative villages completed. Completed the District Administrative Service Center, convenient service center two towns and 18 villages convenient service station construction. New yushutun Dongfeng community 500 square meters standardized public buildings, has been put into use. Issuance of new rural basic pension insurance, unemployment insurance, child parents incentive fees, urban and rural low gold, gold to support the employment of the disabled, guaranteeing that price subsidies and other assistance benefits 30,840,000 yuan, guarantee the basic livelihood of the disadvantaged groups.

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