Andre Heim

Winning Feel Featured: When the award is received, Andre Heim said: "For researchers, the Nobel Prize is a supreme honor. A lot ago a few more years ago People are discussing that the study of graphene is very likely to be a big popularity of the Nobel Prize, so many people think that this award is also expected. "

" But I personally never expect to get This award. I slept very well last night because I didn't expect to get a prize. When some people start to stop scientific research, even stop doing many things he should do, and other things Will be entangled in many years so that he can't concentrate on work. But for me, I will continue my research, carefully, and enjoy the study. "

" I have many Work needs to be completed immediately, but also write a lot of articles, so I will concentrate on complete existing work as usual as usual, and continue my work. Fortunately, I have a good work relationship with Constantin, we Mutual learning, discuss each other. This is why we work in the Netherlands, but later I decided to bring him to Manchester and I work with me. "

" I found that there are many people can't persist for a long time Work hard, but I have never discovered that Constantine is very loved and has been persisted and working hard. "

Personal honor

His most eye-catching in his scientific research is 2004 During the year of Manchester University, he and Constantine Novo Zonovoff found 2 dimensional carbon atom structures, which were the famous graphene. His outstanding research work has made him won countless awards.

which includes 2007 Mott Prize and 2008 Europhysics Prize.

In April 2009, he also won the Körber European Science Prize, 2010 professor of the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society.

It is worth mentioning that before discovering graphene, he also won the "Funny Nobel Award" in 2000 - overcoming the gravity of gravity through magnetic levitation technology, so that a frog is suspended in half air, and Introducing a similar approach can let people overcome the gravity role.

10 years later in 2010 he won the Nobel Physics Award. He is also the only scientist in the world to get the Nobel Prize and Funny Nobel Prize. Andre is already a professor of Langworthy, Manchester, is also the director of Manchester University Nano Technology Center. People who have this honorary title include splitting atoms and found protes, Jaserford, Rutherford in 1907-1919 in Manchester University work, 1908 won the Nobel Chemical Award.

Andre Heim

On 5 October 2010, the Royal Swedish Royal Academy announced that the 2010 Nobel Physics Award will be awarded the University of Manchester, Mandester, United Kingdom, Andre Heim and Constantine Novo Swood, Commend their excellent research in graphene materials.

Heim and Novoche have made graphene materials in 2004. This is the thinnest material in the world, only one atom thick. Since then, graphene has quickly become a hot topic of physics and materials.

Today, the integrated circuit transistor is generally manufactured using silicon material, and when the silicon material is less than 10 nm, the stability of the transistor is used to be made. The graphene can be engaged in a single electron transistor having a size of less than 1 molecule. Further, the graphene is highly stable, even if the component is cut into 1 nanometer wide element, the conductivity is also very good. Therefore, graphene is generally considered to end alternative silicon, which can initiate an electronic industry revolution.

Main achievements

Funny Nobel Award (2000)

Mot Award (2007)

Europhysics prize (2008)

Körber Prize (2009)

John J. Carty Award (2010)

Hughes Medal (2010)

Nobel Physics Award (2010)

Main Contribution


Professor Andre Konstantan Geim from 2004, Sir Konstantin Sergeevich Kostya "Novoselov) Researchers have been prepared for graphene in the first time, graphene is widely concerned by the world's scientists. As of May 26, 2009, there were 2874 SCI articles on graphene, only 1123 in 2008, published in science and nature related papers more than 80; 2008, published in Science and There are more than 30 articles of Nature.

Latest results

Professor Wang Fengchao, a professor of China University of Science and Technology, is a "new theory" founded by the Andrew Heim team, published on December 10, 2020 On "Nature". This theory expands the applicability of Kairen Equation to the subaram scale. It has laid the foundation for understanding of the cognitive and understanding of the phenomenon in the limit scale, and it has a very important application prospect in the microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries.

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