Andemen Station

access information

No. 1 entrance: Bank Road

entrance entrance: Yuhuxi Road

3 entrance: Ning Dan Road

4 entrance: Andemun Street

entrance entrance: Andeen Street

No. 6 Exit: Ander Street

< H2> Bus exchange by

1 entrance port

Andemen Station

26 road, 127 road, y8 road


26 road, 75, 88, 94, 100, 100, 111, 113, 127, 171, 338, 340, 515 , 710, 711, 712, Y8, Y21, 75 Road peak bus, 88 road peak bus, 94 road peak bus, 100 high peak bus

3 entrance

716, 768, 780 "

station name origin

Andemen is the 18th front of the Ming Dynasty Nanjing City First, located on the rainproof road in Yuhuatai District, Nanjing, the city gate has destroyed but still retains the name of Ande Gate and the agency named by Andemen, Andemen Dadomeen and Xiao Ande Gate, so "Andre" The door refers to the two foreign city gates.

Building structure

Andemen Station 1 station station is a side station side station, two-layer one island side station, Northeast-Southwest Town, total construction area 4861 square meters, 10 The station station is the underground two-story island station, the north and south, has 6 entrances and exits, with a bus hub station, and a bus hub.

Whole side of the station

Nanjing Chrysanthemum Tomb

Jiangsu Police Officer College

Chrysantai Park

Demen Labor Market

Ande Gate
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