Ancient Hefeng

Character introduction

graduated from Navy University in 1917. In 1918, he served as the first subject of the Naval Provincial Arms Bureau. From 1920 to 1922, France was stationed in France. After returning to China, I as a joint fleet staff. From 1926 to 1928, he served as a martial arts in the Ambassador. After returning to China, he has served as the long, "I]" Battle Trading Cair, the third minister of the Ministry of Military Order. In 1933, he served as the second minister. After 1935, he as a seventh team, practice the commander of the fleet. In 1937, he served as the Ministry of Military Order. After 1939, he served as the second fleet, the Chinese front fleet, and the chief of Hezhu He Town. In 1943, the Mission of the Joint Fleet of the Joint Fleet of the Joint Fleet of the Joint Fleet. In 1944, it was killed in aircraft accident, and the year was 58 years old. After being chased by Marshal.

Naval career

1906 graduated from the No. 34 issue of Jiangtian Maritime School;

graduated from Navy University in 1917;

1932.12.1, Navy Major;

1936.12.1, the Navy General;

1942.5.1, the Navy General;

1944.3.31, Navy Marshal ( confer posthumously).

Snown Yamamoto

Yamamoto is confirmed on the 20th, this day, the afternoon army will always be in the palace, and the Hai Xiangdao Tianhu Lang Jin meets Evang Palace Bogong. Discount countermeasures and the following fleets of personnel. Finally, I decided to get this matter in order not to move, first, and use the "Navy Event" code to handle this matter. As for the personnel, the commander of the Yokosu He Town, the commander of the commander of the commander is a major service. On April 21, Gu He Fengyi (the Emperor appointed) The Joint Fleet of the Commander.

According to the Japanese Navy's "Military Orders,", there is no progenituality of the Secretary of the Joint Fleet, and there is no proxy for the Second Fleet commander. From Yamamoto Fifty-six Wales to the ancient Hefengyi Pro, the agent is the position of the Secretary for Second Fleet.

Ancient He Hefeng arrived at the July 25, a Flagship, the Flagship Fleet of the Truk Atoll, has risen the flag, but the outsiders have thought that the flag is Yamamoto. In the sixth year, in fact, Yamamoto also said that Shanduba's coffin was accompanied by the long official room and the new commander.

Remove the new elder official ancient conga, not only the coffin of the front, but also an incomplete command. And Yamamoto 56th, the commander of the martyrdom, Fuqi, Sakae, Military Medical Director, Sili, Major General, Air (A) Staff, Trusque, Town, Tourism, Said, Safe, Safe, Yu Yi, the main Changbei Village Yuanzhi will be seriously injured. It can be said that the Joint Fleet is not only a commander, but even half of the commander has only one.

Because "secret is not funeral", now the ancient congings can only use this half of the command.

"New Warfare"

Gu He Fengyi is the fourth graduation of the Haitan 34, Hang No. 14, Haida 15. If the Haida's "military knife group" like land, the ancient Hefeng can also enter the knife group, but the Haida army knife group only has two classes. And the Yamamoto, who was once the fleet sent, the ancient gods of the Emperor of the Army of the Army, were the first tailor, and it also opposed to the United States, there is a certain man in the navy.

Ancient He has long been a military order system, served as many battles, the commander of the fleet, nothing to fight, and there is no label for the specially eye-catching giant ship cannon, the opposite because of the ship The part has been a more familiarity for the supervisory officials and supervisors, and the cause of the warship is a more familiar to the mid-morti (1885), the youth officers who advocate the airborne soldiers said that there are not many people. one.

At the end of 1937, the most radical air charter in the beginning of the year, the most radical air mainpapers, the opposite side of the Square, the depths of the military, rushed into the military order, and his military order One of the ancient He He He said: "It is a big mistake of an era, makes a big sum of money to create 3,000 aircraft. You give me 3,000 aircraft, I can blow all the flesh."

Ancient Hefeng has not reprimanded the Thairi Lang, but it is very difficult to find a vocabulary to persuade him: "Taxi, I don't oppose the aviation soldier, but you have to know that the elders must take eight horses. The carriage, a country, must have a battleship. Others have, we have to have, this is called the country's face, is it called the navy's face, do you know? "

Daxi 治 郎 is still Desperately struggled: "The few horses don't do it, I don't have to use eight horses, only four horses, the four Mirah carriages are also very fit."

"Don't go big, this is not My ancient He He is able to decide. "

This dialogue is often cited in the comments of large and numbers to explain the openness of the stupid and ancient He Humi.

May 8, Gu He held a Nanyang war preparation meeting in the flagship, the relevant fleet, the team, the base and the staff of the joint team of the joint fleet.

Salary, the staff of the meeting feel that the atmosphere is not right, from the sorrowful mountain of the mountains, but maybe it may be that the Yoku He Town, the inspecting passing, the Hestrong He Town, the Guo Ghea, the ancient Ghee, the ancient generals I am sitting in danger, what is going on? Is it changed? Why didn't you hear it?

Sales, the ancient generals slowly slowly, but clearly said:

"Joint Fleet Commander Changguan Yamamoto 56 will be in Showa 18 years (1943) ) On April 18th, he was fighting, and now it is the president of the joint fleet of the joint fleet. Please ask Zhu Jun to work together to report the monarch. "

This sentence will be held attended the meeting." This bad news is obeyed, the scene is dead, everyone bites the lips, seems to be desperately controlled. What? Our long officials die? What should we do now? Since "our sanner" has been killed, can we have any other way out in addition to war? The atmosphere of the venue suddenly became a bit tragic.

The ancient Heqing has clear his throat, and continue to say: "Now, the official will explain the observation and countermeasures of the joint fleet command to the current war situation."

for this time The context of the meeting, every word of the new Juan said, is like a hammer in the meeting room, the air in the conference room is shocked by this kind of beat, and people are breathing.

The ancient Hefei is so saying: "The Japanese Navy's troops have less than half of the US ratio."

The next sentence is: "Moreover, pull the bag The results of the Sub-landed Aviation War (pointing to the Numbe) have led to a lot of losses of the battle force, so that even if we hope, the fleet battle can be carried out, our winning will be obviously low, and it should not be 30%. "

This is a joint fleet of the Navy's three giants, the Secretary for the first time, in the first five decades of the Sino-Japanese War, did not have a victory confidence in the ongoing war.

Ancient He is still continuing: "Although the fortune is very low, it is not complete. If it is possible to make a decisive battle in the strategy and geography, even the US military, even if it is a jade Fighting, and the only opportunity to get the biggest results. Although it is a bit parallax, in any case, this is the first time the Japanese Empire Navy Joint Fleet opened his eyes.

The ancient He has accepted a rotten stall, but it is interesting that this is a lot of naval officers who are a rotten stall. Therefore, the ancient He He is at the beginning, let everyone "lose the fantasy, prepare for struggle ", This new" Jade Defense "noun, but also the staff of the participation of the meeting.

US military counterattack

Since the chief has warned, do you have a natural ending?

But Americans' action is more fast than the ancient congratulations, and it is also different from the direction of the ancient congratulatory.

The actions of the Americans are Ashilissic Islands, and Americans have to recover the occupied territories.

The ancient He is in the initial training, led the flagship Musashi to return to the country, no matter what the former president's remains should be dealt, in the long official room and a coffin, the neighbor office is not a matter, The ancient man decided to send the mountain 56 to the mountain.

On May 12 on the road, the Americans jumped over Kiskaga Island, occupied by the Japanese army, launched the first time in the Pacific War. "Frog Jump".

Ancient Hefeng's "Jade" is unfortunately fulfilled immediately: A Tu Island is overcrowded.

Flying to hell

is influenced by Dongxiang Admire in the Decisive War of the Magistrate Victory, the new commander of the joint fleet, the general of the Joint Fleet, the ancient He He is desperately dreaming. A battle to change the process of war. Because he is a person who is actually practical, he also understands that success is extremely small, but it is the last hope in Japan. On March 8, he issued a combat plan. Once the US fleet in advance, once the United States is broken into the Philippine sea through the Mariana Islands or Xin Guia, the joint fleet is fully hit. He highly efficiently focused most of the sea strengths in Japan. At the end of March, he ordered to move from 琉 to the Philippines from the command of the "Musash" ship.

"Let's attack together, let's donate!" The ancient He He said in his staff Fu Luan, and then they flew to the south. He said, "Yamamoto is dead", he "envy him." At 9:00 am on March 31, they took two Sichuan four-engine water aircraft, and the west of the west of Milley was 3 hours. But before flying into the Philippines, they met a storm, and the ancient congaration was killed. Fu Liimi exhaled fuel with the storm, and he had a prisoner of Mike Art. The joint fleet lost two general commands less than a year, and it was died in front of the plane.

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