Ancient Greek seven sages

synonym Greek seven sages generally refers to Greek seven sages

Introduction and Motto

Athens Solon Solon of Athens - his motto is "avoiding extreme" "nothing in excess"

Sparta's Chilon, Chilon of Sparta - his motto is "Know yourself" "Know yourself"

Thales of Milets of Mille, Miletus - he The motto is "Water is the best" (retaining "excessive persistence and only brings disaster" "Too Bring SureTy Brings Ruin")

Priman Biias (also translated brother Si) Bias of Priene - his motto is "people more hands" "Too Many Workers Spoil the Work"

Lin Zex, Cleobulus, Cleobulus Of Lindos - his motto is - "Wherever the Word" "Modecion is the chief good"

Mmitili's Artacus of MyTilene-he The motto is "clutching the opportunity" "Know thine opportunity"

Broust's Bruian (also translated) Periaander of Corinth - his motto is "Thoughts Before acting" "ForetHought In All "

The ancient Greek philosophical history of the Roman era" The first volume of the "Mingzhao Value" in its "Mingzhao" is described in the first volume of its "Mingzhao". Combined with the social background of Rome, Rome, I can understand that the Lal Make the picture through the seven gardens of noble wise words and deeds.

Character's life

Slen (first 638 - 559 years), born in Athens, born in the dead, is the political home of ancient Athens, legislators, poets, It is one of the seven sages of ancient Greece. Sullen's first volunteers in Athens, in the first 594th, developing laws, reform, and called "Sullen Reform". He also has achievements in poetry, and poetry is mainly praised in Athens and the law.

Sillen is first a patriot, he loves his motherland, about 600 BC, he led the army to defeat the Meira army from Sarami, and was admired as a hero.

Sillen is also a social activist. He is elected as the first governor of Athens in 594 BC, immediately starting social reform, and implements many measures with historical progress :( I) Abolition of debt slavery system; (2) The civilian obligation and political rights of the property is stipulated in the four-class military duty and political rights; (3) Creating a new institution of the country, "four hundred conferences", establish the highest Court; (4) Encourage industry and commerce and foreign trade, restricting agricultural output and excessive concentration of land.

Sullen reform has severely hits the power of the clan aristocracy, protects the interests of the industrial and commercial slave owners, and promotes the development of the Athens slavery economy and the slavery countries, which laid the foundation of the democratic politics of Greek slaves.

Surlon is still an outstanding poet, who has won the "first poet" of Athens. He often creates a poem, satirical aristocrats, and describes the tragic encounter of civilians, and praises the spirit of justice and patriotism. His patriotic laminated poem "Salagi" is a masterpiece. After Sullen died, his ashes was sprinkled on Sarami, who had fighted. "Nothing to Excess is one of his famous motto.

Tayles (625 BC? ~ 547 BC?) is an ancient Greek philosopher, natural scientist. Mili, who is born in the southwestern coast of Xiaoya, 325 BC, and the early years, the merchant, who once visited Babylon, Egypt, and learned an astronomical and geometric knowledge that came down in ancient times. Tayles founded the Mili-name, attempted to get rid of religion, seeking truth through nature phenomena. He believes that there is life and exercise everywhere, and it is the source of all things. Tayles took advantage of the color pyramid from the Egyptian and proportional relationship. Tayles started the proven of mathematics propositions, which marked that people's understanding of objective things rose from sensibility, which was an unusual leap in mathematics history.


Chille is Sparta, the first suggestion appointment of the monument to assist the king, and served 556 BC This position. As an argument, he raised the power of this location and the first time to supervise the policies with the king. He gave Sparta's training; his most famous motto was: "Obey promise."

Bias (6th Cent. BC) BIAS

< P> Bias is Puriene, he is a powerful lawyer and always uses his speech ability for a good purpose. In his view, the growth of human resources is natural, but it is the soul and rational talent with language to defend national interests. Biis admitted to the existence of God, advocated the good behavior of people to God. Bijia's long-term research national legislation, well-versed national legal provisions, often appear in court to be a friend and innocent civilians defend, and calmly calm the dispute between people.


Pittacus, Miteri, is a politician and military leader. He overturned the Loss of Lesburg, with the help of the Alcadoz Brothers, became the legal settlers there, ruled for ten years. As a mild democratic politicians, Potucus encourages people to achieve no bleeding victory. But he also prevents the aristocrats from being exiled to return home.

Peri Ande (665-585 b.c.) Periaander

Peri Ande is born in Corinth, and it is the Lord. During the position, the city of the city he ruled won great prosperity. He reforms Corinth's business and industry, built roads, and cuts the canal. He is a great political home, enthusiastic in science and art.

He insisted on the implementation of the open policy during his political period. In terms of internal affairs, he supports industry and commerce, uses a large number of human materials, and lands the road to strengthen domestic political and economic contact; he attaches importance to cultural education, building a large number of temples and cultural facilities, promoting artistic creation, recruiting the best musicians and poets. , Funding for them to study, demonstrate skills, engage in creation, and give full play to their talents.

In the foreign policy, he advocated the development of good-neighborly friendly relations, encouraged foreign trade, opened up some new harbor, built a large fleet, sailing between Aiqihai and Ionian Sea Commercial trading activities, in Pottadia (now Niya Pottidhaaa) and Apollonia near the Adriatic coast, etc., have opened up a large number of commercial colonies.

Under Perry Ande, Collins is prosperous, cultural and developed, social stability, and is all of the richest and powerful city-states in Greece.

Phase Peri Ande suffers from madness, when he is sick, he killed his wife and exiled his son. He has a famous motto: "ForetHough THINGS." "

Clay Russia (C. 600 BC) Cleobulus

Clay Russia Born in Lindi, then became the Lindi's Lord, it is said that he has traced its ancestors to Hercules. Strong and handsome Cleasi is very familiar with Egyptian philosophy. He is very concerned about education, advocating women should be as educated as men.

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