Amphibious troops


According to reports: yell for a few months in Japan 3rd Corps version of the world has finally for the first time, revealing its true colors. Defense Minister Onodera five days pawn personally announced the establishment of the Force, and declared that this aggressive forces will be deployed in the southwestern islands. Although Onodera Five Code does not directly address the forces intent for China, but Japanese media generally agreed that anti-Chinese intentions have been self-evident.

Amphibious troops

Configure troops

According to "Japanese Economic News" reported on the 4th, the Japanese government is scheduled to complete the preparation of this amphibious forces in 2018, the total number of about 2000-3000, under the jurisdiction of 3 regiments. Which is the first major combat wing, with its elite "Western aspects of general company (even Sipp)" as the basis for expanded, headquarters in Sasebo. Currently Sipp even about 700 people, is responsible for Japan's defense forces seize the island. The other two wings of each size of about 700-900 people a year. Japan's "Daily News" disclosure, even Sipp established in 2002, the main Self-Defense Forces are drawn from all over Kyushu swimmer, around the age of 20 years old. Since 2005, these players are and the US military joint training, has been performed nine times per year. This week, Japan and the US will hold "Iron Fist 2014" amphibious exercise, the Japanese Self-Defense Force has 270 members and 500 American soldiers to participate. Reported that the amphibious skills are not easy to master, these guys need to 6--7 years of training to qualified. Therefore, the defense ministry wants to expand to 3,000 people amphibious forces, personnel training is also a problem.

Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" said that in the command structure, the Ministry of Defense will be the new "land Corps commander" of his position as the Self-Defense Forces in the armed forces "attacked the islands' total command. In addition to land-based command corps commander of amphibious forces, the forces will be unified management across the country. Ministry of Defense plans by Self-Defense Forces around the preparation, so that they can quickly reinforce aspects of the southwest islands. Disclosure reports, land corps headquarters may be located between the headquarters of the US Army in Japan's Kanagawa Prefecture seat for joint operations between the SDF and the US military. Japan Ground Self-Defense will eventually become a "land Corps" by Sapporo "north of aspects of the team," located in Sendai "Northeast aspects of team", located in Tokyo's Nerima "The east team", located in Kumamoto "Western aspects of team", plus amphibious forces, helicopter regiment and "empty Ting group" and the like.

United States, "Wall Street Journal" said Wednesday that Japan's amphibious forces will be fully imitate the United States Marine Corps, and using the same core weapons. Self-Defense Force is scheduled this year for six US-made amphibious assault vehicles tested in 2018 will be equipped with the Japanese version of the Corps 52 type tanks. GSDF has developed plans to use amphibious assault vehicle operations, as envisaged southwestern islands when under attack, dispatched amphibious assault vehicle from a distance of several kilometers offshore islands, carrying troops landing. Transport troops into battle as quickly as possible, Self-Defense Force also plans to purchase US-made "Osprey" tilt rotary-wing aircraft, and the establishment of specialized units responsible for the maintenance.

Japanese media generally agreed that the main objective of the establishment of the SDF or amphibious forces to counter China. According to Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" reported Itsunori Onodera declared that the Force Base might choose or Kyushu Ryukyu Islands, "This is for the continued invasion of the Diaoyu Islands waters surrounding China."

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