American Public Broadcasting Corporation


Corporation for Public Broadcasting Public Broadcasting Company, referred to as CPB. US non-profit radio and television institutions established in the 1967 Public Broadcasting Act. It is not a government agency, its main task is to support the development of public broadcasting, allocate funding of federal governments, and strive for donation to all sectors of society, pay the national program, organize linkages, research and training programs Establish a movie and tape. The company's council is composed of 15 people, and the directors are appointed by the president after nomination and recognition of the Senate. Any party's directors must not exceed 8 people. The person is terminated for 6 years. 50 replacement every 2 years. The Council's election chairman and vice chairman, appoint the general manager. General Manager is responsible for the daily business of the company. In 1969, public Broadcasting Corporation established "PBS Public TV Network", responsible for managing services through satellites to national public television station, and business contacts between public television stations.

American Public Broadcasting Corporation

Public TV station is generally divided into 4 categories according to ownership: 1 state or municipal government, the national education department is run. 2 universities. 3 urban education sectors and management, elementary school institutions. 4 non-profit public groups mainly in large cities public radio stations, TV stations are not advertising, and funding is derived from federal governments and donations for funding. The national programs that have been broadcast in the public television have: News program "Report", "New Star", "Nature", "Discovery", Children's Program, "Springs", "Power Generation" "," Three Twins One Contact ", Cultural Program" Mingyei Theater ", financial program" Wall Street a week "," Geography ", also broadcast TV series, foreign language, opera, ballet, symphony concert, and various knowledge Sexual and servic programs.


PBS Online, is also a website of the US public television PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). As for PBS Online, it is said to be the online version of PBS, including more than 400 PBS TV programs and special programs, and website exclusive content, with a total of 85,000 pages for readers to explore, and the content classification of the top right corner is available for readers According to Tuo, the information can be said to be quite rich. The TV show has a sound and light screen. The online version of TV shows will not be a lot, in fact, it will not be, because there is a real-time broadcast function on the network, and there are also a program of the film, and many historical materials and pictures can pass through The scan is presented on the web, so the effect on the sense can be not worried. Instead, PBS Online provides a lot of precious text data and related data indexes with HyperLinks, almost perceived each part, will have a detailed text data, which is helpful for understanding and memory.


For 25 years, Nature (Natural Series) has become a Trinite in the natural history of PBS (public channel), capturing the magnificent wonders of the natural world - from African prairmen to Antarctic ice origin. Natural series has won more than 360 honors. These TV industries, family organizations, and international wildlife, and environmental protection organizations, including eight Ai Mi, two Pibodi Awards and from Peak Club gives high honors to a TV show with the first time.

the Queen of Trees (2006) won a Pibodi Award, on the Banff World TV Festival, won the NHK Chairman award for its high-definition TV show.

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