Founded in the background

In September 2017, the British Prime Minister Tresa Mei Juan During the day, the leaders of the Japan-British countries jointly published the "Japanese Declaration on Development and Cooperation". It is specified that the topics of the two countries' joint research are identified as "climate change and health". Renkei projects have identified a priority international research topic every year.


As of 2019, Renkei consists of 12 famous research universities from Japan and UK:


  1. Osaka University

  2. Kyushu University

  3. Kyoto University

  4. < P> Northeast University
  5. Nagoya University

  6. Litong University

< H3> British
  1. Edinburgh University

  2. Leeds University

  3. Liverpool University

  4. Newcastle University

  5. Dulan University

  6. Southampton University


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