Alfred Drefos


Dresfos is born in France Mallus, he is the ninth child at home, his father is a Jewish textile industry entrepreneur. In 1871, Alsace was incorporated into the Emperor Empire. Dresfos's parents (like other upper people in the city) decided to retain their French nationality. In 1872, some of them moved to Paris in some people. Drafos graduated in Paris Middle School, admitted to the Paris Comprehensive Institute of Technology in 1878, and the college mainly cultivates technology officers, such as military officers. He became the artillery professional officer. In 1890 he joined military school training. In the same year, he married a daughter of a rich diamond business company. Jacques Adamama is his nephew. The two have a woman.

In 1893, Dude River has been promoted to the captain. He was called in the total staff.

Drefos incident

September 1894 French intelligence agency is said to have gained a handwritten literature through a spy to enter the German embassies. In the literature, an undishabored internal person who is apparent to the German martial arts said that he would provide secret military intelligence for Germany, especially the French artillery information. The artillery officer Alfred Draves was suspected because he was a Jew, and his family passed from the German area. And he went to Mallus a year ago, that is, he went to the German Empire Territory.

Alfred Drefos

October 31, the initial investigation has ended, and after a day, Drefos has been called a traitor. On November 3, he was defendant in the military court in Renne, but three experts identified that Dresfos' handles were different from the documentary paper. In addition, although famous anthropologists and detective scholars Ali Betty have no experience in identifying handwell, the judge has heard of Bettar's opinion. Bettyrong believes that the same identification of two porters is a major evidence that is guilty of Deres. On December 22, 1894, France was unanifies him to be guilty and sentenced to his lifelong extension and detained the devil island. On January 5, 1895, in the campus of the French Military Academy, he was deprived of the rank of the rank in a very insulting ceremony. Soon it was shipped to the devil island. He arrived there in April of the same year and was imprisoned separately.

Ping Pauli

1902 left failed after the election won changes, Drefos incidents have begun to be discussed. Finally, the Court of Appeal denied the subsequent trial. On July 12, 1906, Drefos's judgment was canceled, Drefos was opposite. In this day, he was re-incorporated into the army in a ritual, enhanced as a small school and was awarded the French Honor Medal. But he did not have been invested in the total staff. He was in the short-term commander of Wenanti and Saint Deni near Paris. In October 1907, he retired early with health.

Le Zura passed away in 1902. In 1908 his ashes was buried to the first sages, Drafos was one of the people who guarded the spirit. Some people in the audience assassinate him, Drefos injured.

After the first World War broke out, Drefos returned to the army and on the front. He was promoted to the middle school. After the war, he retired with this army.

Granddaughter in the Second World War is the Jews to be transported to Osworth concentration camp and have been killed there.

After the Second World War, Drefos gradually evolved into a symbol of the Republic. In 1988, he set a statue for him in Du Le Li.

July 12, 2006 is the 100th anniversary of Drefos, and the French President Jacques Hirac personally gave the French President Jacques, and there were French Prime Minister and Four Ministers. , To Drescens "Sight" (L'Hommage Solennel de la nation).

Although some people suggested that Drescet's hemness is changed to the first sages, this proposal has not been adopted so far.

Nobel Literature Award winner Roger Martin Du Karl is very profoundly filled with Drefos incident in his novel published in 1913. In 1937, the film "Emir Le Zuo Life" is also a central event, but the movie fell in the anti-Semitism. William Diater is the director of the film, Paul Muni, Joseph Hildeklit, Dravs.

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