Alcohol dissolved ink


Alcohol-soluble gravure printing ink, after the alcohol-soluble synthetic resin, solvent and the organic pigment are sufficiently polished, have good fluid liquid, which is volatile drying ink. It has the characteristics of good printing, fast drying, bright light, and color. Suitable for printing packaging, glass paper and candy wrapping paper. The printing speed is 25-70 m / min.

Applicable range

1, substrate: water pine paper, candy paper, other types of paper.

2 is suitable for different intact speeds, multiple requirements.

Alcohol dissolved ink

3, mainly for tobacco water paper printing, candy packaging, food paper packaging.

Product Features

1, no heavy metal, non-plasticizable agent (phytics), VOC indicators are fully compliant with international and domestic standards. Especially suitable for water packaging printing.

2, the ink metastatic properties can be perfectly reproduced.

3, the ink is low, non-toxic, residual solvent is extremely low, the environment, operator, and users do not constitute any adverse effects.

4, high color concentration, and the cover is good. The leveling effect is very ideal.

5, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, and better coillation.

6, alcohol is used as a diluent.


1. Should be stored at a lower temperature, and the ink is sufficiently stirred before use, so that it has good flow properties.

2. Alcohol-soluble ink in terms of viscosity, thin, drying, etc. If the ink is too thick, dilution can be diluted with ethanol (can accelerate dry) or butanol (can slowly dry) or dilute. If the printer is high or slowly dry, the bruised agent can be added to accelerate its dryness.

3. The ink can be mixed with each other to regulate a variety of color. However, it is not mixed with other models of ink to avoid the use of resin precipitation or the like.

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