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Ottoman reuses the pro-owner, holding the military and political power of all parts of the country, the land, social life is becoming more secluded, excluding some of the people who have helped the prophet Muhammad The Muslim Commune is not a priorism of the prostitute of the Gules aristor, thus forming religious and political opposition. Aman Jabel Ben is planted is a prophet, and it was appointed to the interpretation of the teaching method of Basra City, and gave a teaching to teach and got some people's support. He has been dissatisfied with Ottoman's policy, and proposes the holy disciple of non-Guleish's bodiatrics, it can be equally distributed, and the Muslims who have a good job should be equal, and form a community, for later Aibad. The formation laid the foundation. After the establishment of the Wai Mei Ye, Jabir opposed Harry Haica's hereditary and secularization, and was put back from Oman by the Governor of Base. Jia Bill's Student Abdullah Ai Bad, Abu Ouke Muslim, Abu Nuha, Dimam Ben Sais and Rai Bill Ben Habibi, etc. Basra and Oman continue to promote and defend the teacher's claims, publicly condemning the rule of Mai Ye, denying the legitimacy of Harry, and some tribes in the Arabian peninsula have returned. AppA was the most determined by the Wusai Lee Dynasty, and he won the support of Basra and Oman Muslims, and became the famous leader of the faction, taking Aibad's followers as an App Bad.


Pispi Uprising

Ebad faction has held many uprising for the rule against Wu Mai Ye and the Apiz, more famous for 747 by Abdullah · Ben Ye Yaja's opposition to the Wu Mai Lee Dynasty Uprising and 751 against the Apperary Dynasty Harry Jaha. Due to the failure of the uprising, it was repeatedly suppressed, the insults fled, and the interior of the faction split. About 751 years ago, almost simultaneously in Oman, Yemen, and Magiiba respectively supported three mutually unassays, respectively, respectively lead local missionary activities. In 761, AppAdman Amadadman, Ares, established the Rosotum Dynasty (the capital Tilete) in North Africa, continuing for more than 140 years, and the propagation of Islam in Berman After the following leaves of the Fatima people are destroyed. After the failure of politics and military struggles, App will focus on the historical struggle in Islamic history, the propagation of Islamic ideology and the communication of the Sunni. Oman has cultivated many famous Islamic scholars as the center of Aibad. The school is spread to Yemen, which in turn will pass to North Africa and East Africa. In Oman, in more than a thousand years, the teachings of the App Amad have always dominated the dominant position. So far, Oman's ruling family and most Muslims still respect this.

Political point of view

The faction is in terms of politics, believes that the prophet Muhammad and Harry Abs, Burkel, Omher Ruzheng is the most ideal era of Islam, should act Carry forward and restore this period of pure fashion and tradition, to Ali's arbitration proposed by Mu Avi in ​​the battle of Yifen, also opposition to most of the rulers of Wai Mai Ye and the Azu Dynasty They believe that they do not have the qualifications of Muslim leaders in beliefs and personal products. The party opposes the leader of the hereditary system, and the Muslim society should publicize their leaders. They are not necessarily must be the ancient Raihe; any pious believer is as long as they host justice and recognized talents. They are eligible for leaders. . Once the leader can't be a fair, lose the hearts, or I "deviate from the right road", "more bad", can be removed by Muslims, and even asked the law. The responsibility of the leader (ie Harry or Imam) is: loyal to the commandments of Allah, the implementation of the teaching, presiding, fair, fight the enemy, and protect the teacher. Any leader includes the Pisa Maki Jia Bill and Abdullah, Ben, Aibad, in terms of Muslims in terms of the rights and obligations of the teaching law.

Religious point of view

Advocated "five days of life class" is the basis of Islam; emphasizing the elements of faith include: oral blank, inner convinced and behavior practice. The vernometer whose beliefs believe can only make personal life and property protect in the Muslim society, and fulfill religious homes to demonstrate the piety of faith. By beliefs achieved through beliefs are sincere beliefs, this belief can only be increased. It advocates that the "Qur'an" on the revelation of the "anything does not seem to be like him", firmly believes in the objects of the Anla and its various behaviors and Germany, and believes that the virtue of Allah is neither the body, not the body. Resultant. Opposing the literal meaning of the "Quran" to shape the image. For the scriptures in the scriptures of the manuscripts, thinking, and hand faces, the meaning of "the most conforming to the perfection" of the "most conforming to the perfection" should be explained. I advocate that no matter in this world or later, Anla is human beings can't see. For the Muru Taiqi Lai, "The Qur'an" is said to "holding an objection," the Qur'an is "The Qi Nai Anl", and the words of Allah are not initially created. Accludes Haavary Ji Zhi's harsh and special tolerance to Moistres in the Muslims who disagree with their views, and treat Muslims with many gods.

Teaching method

In the teaching method, pursue Jia Bill's legal proposition, regarding the "Qur'an" and reliable holy training as the primary basis for legislation. The faction of the "Hattle" recorded by the Mammark Reabbil Babi Baibu, and also recognizes the reliable traders recognized in other sects. In addition to, training, it also believes that "public disciples" (that is, the consensus of the first-to-knows disciple or a certain era "is also one of the legislation. At the same time, "reasoning" can be used to carry out legislation when necessary, and the principles of "Probes" and the "Best Good" and Maurk's "Public Welfare" of Ma Lick are included within the "reasoning". It has strongly advocated to work, with simple and easy behavior principles. Jacques is close to the Hai Nai Fi. In terms of religious ethics, it is the religious and social obligation of "good people to do good, stop people", and the human life, and the social obligation, and advocate interpersonal relationship between the people. Camera. AppAP is mainly distributed in Aman and African sauna and other regions. (Ma Xian)

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