Ai Ye

Vegetable features

Inside the Qingming cold food, there is an Ai Ye, the appearance is dark green, the bowl of the stuffing or the sweetness of the peanuts, also

is a salty, the entrance is a fragrance of Ai Ye. Food, you can ventilate evil.

Ai Leaves, also known as Wiche, Xiang Ai, Yu Ai, Iwort, Sexual, Xin, Wen, into the spleen, liver, and kidney. Can be dispersed with cold and dehumidification, warmth blood. Suitable for dawn cold bleeding and abdominal pain, there is a gynecological medicine for women's vanity, abdominal pain, and collapse. In traditional Chinese folk pharmacology, Ai Ye is used to prevent the historical history of the plague, which belongs to the panic herbal medicine. Pharmacological study of modern medicine shows that Ai Ye is a broad-spectrum antibacterial antivirus, which has inhibits and kills a variety of viruses and bacteria, can catch asthma, aggravate, sputum, can stop bleeding, anticoagulation, Calm, anti-allergic, can protect the liver, have a certain prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases. The moxibustion made by Ai Ye, through the active, remove the cold and swelling.

Except for pharmacological effects, Ai Ye is also a wide range of ingredients. In the vast South of China and Southwest China, the practice of eating pasta, soup, dishes made by Ai Ye is the raw material. The most typical thing is prevailed in two wide and private cuisine - Ai Ye.


用 半 半 半, glutinous rice powder half a catty, sesame 2 two, peanut 2 two, white sugar 1 tablespoon


1, after Wash, soak it for 24 hours with water to remove bitter taste.

2, the foaming Ai Ye is 2 points in the hot water, and the soaking in the cool water, continue to make 1 hour.

3, after the foaming Ai Ye is cut into the mid, cut into the end.

4, put glutinous rice noodles, Ai Ye in a large bowl, add 100 ml of water, 揉 不 不 手, slightly dry dough

5, peanuts and sesame Fried in the wok, put it into a thick plastic bag after cooling, press the rolling pin, and then add white sugar to continue to be slightly broken, load a small bowl, mix well.

6, extract a small dough, pinch the round circle in the hand, put a small peanut sesame, then pinch the four sides to the middle, pincalize the interface, do a sphere like the dumplings

7, after boiling water in the steamer, the production of good Ai is placed on the corn leaf, or the grapefruit leaves, put into the steamer and steam 10 points, and take off the fire, edible. It's better to eat, if time is long, Ai is too hard, you can enter the oil pot and frying

Nutrition value

1, Xiang Ai is generally short, raw grass There is aroma, if you can't find Ai cuisine, you can replace it with a stem. Ai Ye must be soaked for a long time, so that Ai 粑粑 that is produced will not suffer.

2, the more embarrassment, the better, the glutinous rice flour is adjusted according to the taste of personal taste.

3, peanuts or sesame stuffing can match the new taste of Ai cuisine, you can also use beans and sand filling or savory filling

4, Ai 粑粑 is soft, and it is easy to stick to pot, so It is best to have steamed on the leaves. If you put it on the disk, you need to take it in the bottom of the disc, cool, or it is easy.

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