African American

Synonyms African black generally refers to African American


Nigo, the meaning of "black", when the American racial discrimination is embarrassing, gradually evolving into a black language, It is equivalent to "black ghost". After the rise of the black man, this word is abandoned, and the black is self-proclaimed by "Black". However, after the 1960s, because black in Western languages, this word is also abandoned, and it is changed to "Africa" ​​because the ancestors of the black are from Africa. Most American African ancestors were brought to the United States after being kidnapped in West Afisia in the 17th century and 18th centuries. In the mid-19th century, they got freedom by the US Nort-South War. In the mid-20th century, they were equal by US flat movements. After six0, a black self-identification movement was raised. This exercise combined with the people's right to black people at the time, no longer asked "Black" as a relatively low adjective.

The most well-known African-American African American, to the former US President Bellak Hussein, who is from Illinois, and he represents the US Democratic Party to the US presidential election and become the first in the American history. There is a president of black blood and successfully serve in 2012 US presidential election.


The history of American black people can be traced back to the 16th century to become European colonies. From the 16th to 19th century, the European colonists have robbed a large number of black slaves from Africa (mainly West Africa), including half of them, in the territory of the United States, mainly in the southern Zhuzhou cotton, sugar cane planting and mine work hard work, deeply Brutal exploitation and abuse of white racist. With the development of the US industry, the black people in the south have moved to the north and northwest cities. After 1861 ~ 1865, although the northern war was victory, because Abraham Lincoln was unfortunately assassinated, the Vice President Andrew Johnson (the South is just a unified front of the anti-splitting, he overthrows almost overturned, so civil war results, and veto The Republican's clearing plan, also pardon the southern warfare to compensate the slave owners, and strive to resume the political rights and economic foundation of the anti-parth, and the black people from participating in political activities through ethnic isolation and the like.


The American black people have never enjoyed the same treatment as white people in terms of politics, education, employment, residence. According to 1970 investigations, families below the poverty lines, including 9.9%, including 41.3% of black people. The black unemployment rate is generally three or four times higher than that of the white, and some are as high as six hundred times. The wages of black workers only and one-half of the white people are one-third. The population density of the city black grouped area is generally several times that of the white, or even ten times. The US black is in the bottom of the American society, so they have conducted long-term anti-struggles, only a black anti-violent struggle in 1968, including 168 cities, including Washington. The US black people against racial discrimination and oppression have supported the support of progressive power throughout the world. Today, the United States has given black more equality rights.

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