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Advertising This term is for Latin, "paying attention", "induce", etc., is evokeing a public Things, and induce a means used in a particular direction. The "海" is explained as: "Advertising --- introduces a publicity method such as product, report service content or entertainment program. Generally passed the newspaper, radio, TV station, slide, window arrangement, commodity display and other forms" .


News is an objective thing that exists, is a report of new facts. Its home is the fact, the truth is the first, the news is the second, but not all facts can become news, because the news is closely linked to objective changes.


"Advertising News" mainly has two forms, "news advertising" and "advertising news".

Original confusion

"advertising news" refers to all hidden advertisements published in the form of news reports, the essence is advertising. Therefore, "advertising news" should be published on the advertising layout, during the time period, should not appear in the news layout, time. But in fact, all "advertising news" is published in the form of news reports, so that the audience caught in difficult to distinguish. Similarly, "News Advertising" although it is put on the advertising layout, the external performance form is news that the audience is comparable to the news. To some extent, "News Advertising" improves and enhances the communication effect of advertising information, but in the news media ordering method, violates the layout of the layout. In other words, "news advertising" and "advertising news" confuse news and advertising principles, deception, and misleading the audience.

Essentially unanimous

"News Advertising" is an alienation of news, "advertising news" is an alienation of advertising. Essentially, both have amazing consistency. Both are for promotion of commercial information dissemination behavior, which is the intervention of media advertising business behavior on news business. In fact, many advertisers use both of the "wiping". The advertising master chases the maximization of commercial information transmission profits, using illegal way, deceiving or tempting audiences.

behavioral illegal

From the legal perspective, "News Advertising" and "Advertising News" violate my country's "Advertising Law", and does not comply with "journalists professional ethics The spirit of the guideline. "Advertising News", essence is advertising, it violates Article 13 of the Advertising Law: "Advertising should have identifiability, enabling consumers to identify their advertisements. Volkswagen media is not allowed to publish advertising in the form of news reports The advertisements released through the mass media should have an advertisement mark, which is different from other non-advertising information, and will not have misunderstandings of consumers. "" News Advertising "often has an advertisement mark or marked similar to advertising markers, but the advertising copy With the form of news elements, advertisers 'self-propaganda adopted news, by deceiving or inducing audiences, improving consumers' trust of commercial information published. Violation of Article 3 of the Advertising Law shall be true, legal, and in line with the requirements of socialist spiritual civilization, "or Article 4" advertising must not contain false content, not deceived and misleading consumers.

Hazard huge

"News Advertising" has not been clear definitions, in the "China News Practical Dictionary", only this discussion: "Some newspapers at home and abroad In the form, publish business advertising content in the advertising version, charged by advertising, or indicate the advertisements (ie, buying layers), which should be charged as advertising, "" The "advertisement" is actually referred to News Advertising. "News Advertising" is an advertiser to achieve a promotional purpose, writing a copy in accordance with the news, advertising layout, time or similar advertising episodes, time-wide commercial advertisements, is a news that the news is involved in advertising creation.

has such definitions in "advertising news" and "China News Practical Demonstration": "Advertising News is also called paid news, generally has news elements, in the form of news reports, in the form of advertising Sex some of them. "" Advertising News "refers to all implicit ads published in the form of news reports. The essence is that the advertising medium is often" entrepreneurs "," corporate image plan "," public relations special edition ", "Enterprise Interview" and other names release advertisements, known as "soft advertisement".


Solving the problem of advertising nutamorphics, we must work together from media, public, advertising, and laws and regulations:

To ensure that

should be in accordance with the continuous spread trend of the news of the advertising, we must start from two legal regulations such as news, advertising. Just have a perfect system regulation to make news and advertising development in accordance with normal conditions. It is necessary to have a perfect legal laws and regulations, but also constantly improve the supervision mechanism, so that the phenomena of advertising is not based on.

Advertising news

The media itself should recognize social responsibility, strengthen self-discipline

For the media, it is its survival and development within the scope of laws and regulations. The two necessary conditions, the media only insist on properly and objective reporting news, can only get the trust and dependence of the audience for a long time. Therefore, the media should pay more attention to long-term interests rather than advertising nutschization. For journalists, it should be correct, keep in mind social responsibility, and insist on rigorous work style, from the adopted link to block advertising nutationalization.

Advertising investors are the initiative of advertising nutationalization

With the direct interests of corporate interests, advertising investors may wish to do some formal advertisements, and continue to strengthen and improve product quality, this is The best way to get the consumer word of mouth.

The audience is the regulator of the media behavior

should continue to strengthen the ability to distinguish between true and false news, true and false advertisements, resolutely resist the advertising nutationalization of the media, making advertising The phenomenon of nutamite has not yet the market. On the other hand, the audience also has to bear the responsibility of the supervision of the media, and cannot be a "target" of the media.

Related Comments

Some people criticize advertising news, starting from the "famous" thinking, thinking that advertising news is wrong, but the name is wrong, if called "News Advertising "

From the grammatical point of view," advertising news "or" news advertisement "is a phase-forward phrase, focus on the noun behind, namely:" Advertising News "emphasizes an advertising form. News, "News Advertising" emphasizes an advertisement in the news. So, if we clearly say that "advertising news" is not right, "news advertising" is correct (ie, emphasizing "is an advertisement").

Examination of a vocabulary must be investigated from the content it actually refer to, but cannot stay in the grammar level. Specific to advertising news issues, the key is: "Advertising News" - Even if we will change it to "News Advertising" - Is it regular advertisement in accordance with normal advertising? The answer remains negative. One of the simplest words is that publishing advertisements have never been an advertising department, rather than a news editorial department. In the news unit, the advertising departments and editorial departments must not be mixed, this is one of the most important news professional norms. Thus, facing --- enterprises to give the newspaper editorial department, the newspaper editorial department published the "news" provided by this company - such a behavior, no matter what the name is given, "News Advertising" is also good, " Advertising News is not possible.

Advertising news should be prohibited, and it is a general consensus of journalists and journalists. However, if someone is strictly sought, some people have denied advertising news on the surface, but in the depths of their hearts, they can not have ideas. I am afraid there is. Advertising News is the product that appears during the stage of the theory and practice of news and advertising - or even saying that it is a kind of "freak", it will will continue to improve with advertising and news practice activities, China The vigorous development of the media is finally exited from the historical stage. Then, in the ideological level, recognize the "advertising news", and then resolutely resist the "advertising news" at the operation level, which is an journalist, advertising workers should do and must do.

Advertising News Value

Enterprise Brand Propagation is very important for a company, corporate brands are convey to consumers, the business philosophy, corporate culture, corporate values ​​and The attitude towards consumers, this is a best means of enterprise self-propaganda. How do companies conduct a good corporate brand publicity?

First, enterprises do product products. The corporate product representative is an enterprise image. Only enterprises have done the product, they have been affirmed by consumers. Enterprise products will form automatic publicity in the consumer population. This is the company does not need to spend too much energy to do business brands. The best way to promote promotion. Consumers want to buy practical products, good products, will have a pass of 10 tens of thousands of effects, will take the initiative to spread in the people of consumers, this is the most effective invisible propaganda mode, thus forming consumers The recognition of corporate brands, the enterprise can develop long-term development.

Second, enterprises can publicize in the media. Now the influence of media publicity is large, and any family has a TV or network, and the information of media propagation can be received. The influence of using traditional media newspapers is also very large, and modern people's living habits are relatively leisure, drink tea to see newspapers on weekends, if corporate brands are implemented in newspapers, this should have a lot. The consumer group understands and discusses to use this company product.

Finally, the company can also set up liquidity activities. Enterprise brand propaganda requests to go through the middle of the consumer group, only the company itself makes the people and the people's activities, consumers will really understand the benefits of enterprise products. Everything is difficult, if consumers begin to use the company's products, they will form a stable source after recognizing the benefits of the product.

Enterprise brand promotion is a long process and requires a long-term publicity to accumulate effect. Enterprises only have the quality as life, and the technology is going to change, is the best publicity to the company. The business management of corporate brands is also a long-term maintenance process. Only by improving the visibility of the enterprise brand, the credibility is the entry point, and the brand reputation is the target, to improve the brand loyalty, and cultivate the brand, we can develop the brand and develop healthily and steadily develop, establish its lasting value.

News Marketing Value

When entering the news event marketing, it is often considered to use the external news events, the form can be described as a variety of diversification, with celebrities, With activities, there is still practical news, etc. The following five major brought marketing Raiders can refer to:

1. Celebrity Raiders

Celebrity can be a song world, film and tend, sports and cultural circles These look at the needs, resources and timing of the company. Demand is a requirement of corporate iron, which is generally not easy to change. When the resources are mainly seen, they can find which celebrities will see the trend of the environment at the time, three combination, and screen the final program.

II, Entertainment Raiders

Using entertainment programs to drive news events, use entertainment news to promote product sales.

All roles in the movie "Mobile Phone" use Motorola's mobile phone, and the Motorola, which is next, is close to the new mobile phone A760 and "mobile phone" advertisement; BMW is not lonely Not only will the male people in the movie open the BMW of the Zhang Yang, but also in different forms of cooperation with "Mobile" under the screen. Gome has also revived the full-scale sponsorship of the film "mobile phone" national tour, inviting the director of the "Mobile" crew, Feng Xiaogang and the main actor Ge You, Zhang Guoli, Xu Fan, Fan Bingbing and other relatives to Gome Mall to carry out stars and consumers "intimate contact" promotion Activity, through "mobile phones", we can fully see a integrated news marketing, embed the related products in the movie, and achieve perfect combination and integration, and cooperate with the promotion of the movies.

Third, the activity Raiders

refers to a series of publicity activities organized by the company to organize their own products, attracting consumers and media. Spread your own purpose. For example, new product issued by corporate products, workshop and business chair; you can also conduct public welfare activities, charitable activities, etc. from the perspective of social perspectives, and also sign the contract, leading people's visit, stock market, The industry's alliance, etc. These can make public and media to focus on business and brand.

In fact, some news can be created, by manufacturing some news, especially with the continuous growth of the company, its media attention has also increased. In the event, invite the reporter to participate in the scene, and finally send some news reports.

1, the customer's visit: inviting government leaders to inspect and invite groups to visit, such activities have a wide range of activities.

2, news (product) conference: Release the latest news on products, technology, events, events, activities, etc., communicate through various news media, conveyed to the target group.

3, distributor conference: Regular distributors from all over the country regularly organize distributor conferences.

4, held a seminar: cooperation with government departments, industry associations, and related group organizations, organizing various seminars, achieving cooperation intentions, impact decisions and choices, and through these departments, special status of institutions To play a good effect that is generally metaway.

5, product promotion: You can cooperate with large shopping malls, Internet cafes and other units, using the characteristics of holiday passenger traffic, using a variety of promotional means and methods.

6, participate in the industry exhibition: Consider participating in various forms (such as the exhibition on digital, consumer electronics).

four, True Raiders

is through some sudden, specific events, and some specific activities are made in activities. Thomeways often require forward-looking, you can make early action in advance to preemptive opportunities; for burst events, it is better to have a speed of thunderstorm. The practical is basically divided into political events, nature events and social events.

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