Adrian Ramo

synonym Idrian Ramo general refers to Adrian Ramo

Life experience

White hacker is legal, because they are employed in the company, but Lamo does this It is improving. Due to the intrusion of the "New York Times" internal network, lamo became one of the top digital criminals. It is also because of this crime, Lamo is a fine of $ 65,000 and is subject to 6 months of home confinement and 2 years of probation.

In 2007, the sentence is terminated, Lamo is a famous public spokesperson and award-winning journalist.


Another idol level in the hacking group, magazine " 2600: the_hacker quarterly " publisher Eric Corley It has confirmed the statement about the more than one-quarter hacker acts as a federal government eyeliner. Corley Tell the Guaixian: "Compared to the legal behavior is more and more stringent, many people prefer to choose to the government's intimidation of" " .

The most famous example of this is to sell BRADLEY Manning (Decouveling to Wiki) ADRIAN LAMO . manning is sold to the military department when using the Lamo of the IM communication tool to ask the proposal, and then detained. lamo Because he sells a companion to the government, the nickname of the hacking circle becomes "Judah" and is called "the hateful hacker in the world." lamo Repeated between the matter that both parties only do things with their own conscience.

Good at

LAMO often discovers security vulnerabilities and utilized. Usually he will inform business related vulnerabilities. In the list of Lamo attacks, Yahoo, Citibank, American Bank and Cingular, etc., white hackers should be legally listed, because they are employed in the company, but Lamo is so improving.


September 8, 2003 Report: Hackers who have related to network intrusion cases in the past two years, are negotiating with FBI.

22-year-old LAMO said his lawyer is negotiating some of the unblocked evidence in the US prosecutor office (U. S. Attorney's Office) in New York. The FBI detectors also visited the residence of Lamo parents last Thursday. Lamo pointed out in the evening of the Friday evening, he won't open the location.

lamo said, "FBI's probes arrived at me in my parents, I have been told that they are looking for me, but I haven't contacted them directly."

The public defender of LAMO is also pointed out in a statement. "We have confirmed the NEW NAC Local Tribunal and the federal to the decading tickets made by LAMO."

LAMO continues to invade the destruction And there is no fixed residence, but also the hacker of the media, let him become a legend in the hacking circle. Lamo pointed out that after he figured out the court of the court, he is willing to give up his place. Lamo said, "Before I agree, I hope I know more courts to my judicial action."

LAMO Contact CNET News in August 22, said that he believes that the federal has strengthened Investigation of Crime of New York Times Computer. However, he also pointed out that before the last Thursday FBI, he couldn't confirm the actual situation. A spokesperson of the digital version of New York Times said, "We fully cooperate with the judicial unit for the survey of security intrusion in February 2002. We started from the beginning of the intrusion event, and now continue."

Mohan did not provide the details of the cooperation, nor did it indicate whether the New York Times will file a criminal proceedings for Lamo.

Digital Edition New York Times pointed out that in the invasion event at the time, LAMO can view employee information containing social security numbers. Lamo also gave a digital version of New York Times to provide source and columnist's contact information, including Jimmy Carter, former Navy, Oliver North, and Hip-Hop Artist Queen Latifah.

Lamo also claims that MCI Worldcom in December 2001 intrusion event, Microsoft's intrusion event in October 2001 and the intrusion incident in Yahoo in September 2001. After the LAMO invaded Yahoo system, Lamo also found that he can change the news on the Yahoo website.

If the intrusion event does not violate the federal computer fraud and abuse, it will prose in the name of "not allowed to deliberately use computer" or "exceeding the authorization range", including the penalty of the latter Fine and 1 to 5 years of imprisonment.

The response of the Prosecutor's Office in New York has not yet been obtained.

Outside a range of intrusion, Lamo is known for its hacker life without residence. Lamo did not fix the residence, in the United States, ash, ash, sometimes sleep in a friend's home, sometimes live in the air house or abandoned buildings. Especially now Lamo knows that FBI is looking for him, Lamo said, "I keep the movement state, I will not stay in the same place for two nights."


due to invading " New York Times "internal network, LAMO became one of the top digital criminals. It is also because of this crime, LAMO is a fine of $ 65,000 and is subject to six months of family confinement and two years of probation.



It is like a Forbes leaderboard by those who broke into. Yahoo, Excite @ Home, MCI Worldcom, Microsoft, SBC Ameritech, Cingular.

He leaving after notifying these companies in the system, and sometimes it will help them fix these vulnerabilities, don't want money.

After he locks the target to New York Times. They rarely tolerate. Today, April 8, Adrian Lamo will be decided - he has pleaded.

I first interviewed Adrian Lamo in July 2003. I can't interact in the network of the world's famous big companies, but what is interested in acting. Adrian Lamo is known as "a hacker", "beneficial hackers" and a lot of other nicknames - because there is different hackers who have disappeared with those doing, he also let the company know the vulnerability he found, sometimes Give them some suggestions for solving problems. In this way, LAMO reached a transaction with companies that do not consider him.

Later, in an interview with SecurityFocus, he admitted to the network of New York Times. The reporter contacted the New York Times asked to comment on this. Shortly, the Federal Investigation Bureau launched an investigation. He ultimately arrested in September due to the network of New York Times and using their resources. Today he has admitted that it has invaded the New York Times Network and engaged in unlicensed search on Lexis / Nexis - all the identity of "Grey Lady). You can read the original criminal allegations here.

Lamo with most hackers' differences

Lamo is another difference between most hackers, he is because he is homeless. Although his family is happy to provide him with housing, he prefer self-sufficiency, sitting on the waves around the long-distance bus. Sometimes he is born in someone who knows in different cities, sometimes sleeping on the place where the building or other can lie down. From beginning to end, he uses a worn laptop with wireless network card to wander online.

Adrian Lamo is undoubtedly unique. After he was arrested, I received an email, asked my weather. I am a bit confused, I have contacted a few people we are familiar with, provety is actually Adrian. That's right, he, so we saw the face near his home, talking about his background, and his serious allegations he faced.

This is not an ordinary interview, not only because LAMO has not received any interviews after the capture of Lamo, but also because the Federal Investigation Bureau has applied great pressure to reporters who interviewed Lamo, ordered them to hand over him. Related notes and communications. Just after the strong protest of the reporter group and its lawyers, the Federal Investigation Bureau relaxed their requirements, but it was only a little loose. Therefore, there is nothing to record - only a limited digital recorder. At the end of this interview, considering the recording must be handed over according to the command, I transferred the recording to the PC, and then send it to an overseas server that is not controlled. Digital recording has been destroyed.

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