Aberde County Aberdeenshire. Also translators in Aberdeen. Aberdeen

Although a highland Boundary Fault, it mainly includes a lowland of agriculture, a river irrigation, and these rivers are eastward. Due to the rainy shadows in the Gran flat mountain, the climate is generally drought, and some of the annual rainfall in the coastal zone is less than 640 mm (25 吋). Warm is warm than the other regions of the same latitude, but because of the cold wind in the north and east, the British general standards are seen in winter.

Although there is a long-shaped stone in the era of necklaces, the actual settlement date can be traced back to the first 2000-1800 years before and after the early days of the bronze era, the wide mouth established here Culture of pottery. The stone circles and rounded stone are common in this period, and the

has many soil houses and a large stone hill bunker with iron era. In the early days of the past, the old county is the TAIXALI called TAIXali, the Greek Geographic Piller Mergi, a 2nd Century. Since then, Aberdeen has become part of the territory of the North Picker (PICT). Culter, Kintore and Essen Wells, etc., existing Romans Camp sites. The Christianity is quite early, and the Serbs monastery includes Old Deer and monkeymusk monastery.

In the long-term struggle of two hostile families in Mark White and Canmore, Aberdeen plays a role. 1057 Mark White in Lumphanan (LUMPHANAN). During the peep infiltration of Normans, large families such as Balliol, Bruce, and Comyn were firmly stable in the county. When the struggle of these three families raised the Sudden War, the King Edward sweeping the county from 1296 and 1303. 1307 Robert Bruce was the turn of this struggle in the vicinity of Inverurie. Bruce's final victory makes some new families here, especially Forbes family and Gordon family, they are two major enemy during the feudal struggle in the 14th and 15th centuries. The fight due to the widespread religious reform of the Forbes family, and the Gordon family is still trustworthy and more intense. During the 17th-century British Civil War, Abenin has become a stronghold of the King School and the Bishop School. The county is unable to happen, and the fighting of Montrose's Marrioter Lead is the most intense.

At the same time, the trade developed with low land countries, Germany and Poland. Trade between the 17th century brings new wealth to the ancient family in the county. In 1494, the King College was founded in Old Albertding. In 1593, the Marischal College was founded in NPC and 1597 (soon suspension) Fraserburgh University, symbolizing cultural education. . The Bishop Popularity of the Northeast International Pisters attach importance to cultural, literary and wind, and thus produces a scholars who are famous "Do Bersen Dr. Aberdeen".

The glorious revolution (1688 ~ 1689) is over, since 1690, the situation is relatively stable, but the local area is still loyal to the James Party and the Bishop School, leading to the 1715 and 1745 rebellion. After the rebellion in 1745, the criminal law destroyed the advantages of the bubble distribution and landlord feudal forces, and the road to the agricultural progress will be flattened.

The economy in the parliamentary area is mainly mixed with agriculture, fisheries, industrial and service industries. Raising Cows and Cattlers is the main activities of agriculture, but in a higher place for raising sheep. Peterhead and Fraser Fort are the two most important fishing ports in the UK and the shipbuilding center. The fisheries in other places have recession, and Xiao Yu Village has been transferred to the tourism industry. Stonehaven has bustling fisheries and tourism. Tourism is also important in the Grand Valley area and its beautiful river valley. Several towns have whiskey brewing and light industries. However, the most important economic activity in Abbertding is the oil pipe in the nearland of North Sea Petroleum, Peter Black and St. Fergus, has developed the oil pipes in the parliamentary area. And the service industry. Balmoral Castle is located in the Grand Palace of Aprofen West, a resident of the UK royal family in the Scottish Highlands. Aberore City is the capital of this histori, is also an administrative center of Aprot, although it is not part of the parliamentary area. The parliament area is 6,289 square kilometers (2,428 square 哩). Population: Parliamentary Region 226,871 (2001); about 238,770 (2006).

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