A thousand miles to send Jing Niang

Story reason

Kuangyin founding emperor of the Song Dynasty, the story about his "Beijing sent thousands of miles mother" in the folk widespread. Zhao Jing Niang weak woman to the victims of strangers sincerely helping hand, both hands span thousands of miles, all the way to treat each other brothers and sisters, day and night daily diet Zuohuaibuluan. More culprits unbridled interference, Kuangyin upright with high strength and martial arts, safely from Taiyuan to Beijing mother puzhou home ...... do not plan any self-interest purpose, sense of justice is really a hero! Perhaps it is this sense of justice personality, so that he can catch break Kyushu, the combination of a world hero achievements of his imperial dominance!


Feng Meng, "Jingshitongyan" reads: "Five" after the Han period, Bianjing hero Kuangyin naturally upright, designed Baodabuping. Once, he offended the emperor, a refuge in Taiyuan flight edible vegetable oil concept. Inter went out and found that there is a concept of being taken captive strongman sequestered this young woman Jingniang. For indignation, his fear long-haul hardships, strongman infested, thousands of miles on foot, Beijing mother sent home. After Beijing mother was evidently suspicious, wronged himself. Kuangyin but not nearly in sex, courageous reputation from all the world.

Restore history

One day, Kuangyin in a Taoist temple went the way of Taiyuan, the chance to see the hall closed a weak woman. One asked, turns out that the girl is puzhou (now Yongji) man named Zhao mother, father also went to Northern hypocrites are robbers grabbed here. Suddenly, Kuangyin chivalrous heart wells up, resolutely decided to treat each other brother and sister, to cross the mountains all the way across the river to escort Beijing mother home. Although Beijing mother was on his way to snatch the chain gang of robbers attacked, but were repulsed Kuangyin eleven. Coupled road Kuangyin to Beijing mother thoughtfulness, so when passing through Hebei Wu Tiananmen Square Road, Sichuan, Beijing mother telling affection to Kuangyin, but Kuangyin think he saved Beijing mother is owed, can not have selfishness, otherwise he and grab Beijing mother of robber What is the difference? Position of vulnerability is dirty. So smug Kuangyin, he politely refused, still adhere to a brother Eli.

camped, the table is not hard. After Beijing mother be sent home safely, Beijing mother moved, parents and indescribable feeling, watching regained her daughter, gladly proposed betrothed to the Virgin Mother Kuangyin. Kuangyin again meditated and then refused to do. There are two hiding something. The first is the road he turned down the idea of ​​Virgin Mother, if agreed, he sent thousands of miles Beijing mother's behavior is bound to cast unjust name. The second is their dreams of their own, even if Beijing mother to marry a wife, to accomplish something and then have to wait for Japan to take Jingniang Elixir of Love. After that, he and Beijing mother pregnant with each other in the heart of love, but they can not leave the indescribable devotion.

Time flies, Xia-Xia from falling; s game, heavy task.

Finally Kuangyin for the emperor.

One day, Kuangyin With eagerness, and from Beijing mother who sent home from the olden crossing the Yellow River, to visit Shanxi long miss Beijing mother, want to take your mother to Beijing Beijing called the Wong Princess. But I did not expect at this time of Beijing mother because he and parting, every day looking forward to his speedy return again, but look forward to it in one day in January, 365 days a year in repeatedly turned into disappointment, disappointed and become desperate. Finally one day it does not survive in the shaved his head for Nepal. So, when Kuangyin Qin Jin ferry and then rushed to stand in front of her, she has many years of solitary clear shadow the future. To this end she backs Kuangyin, although the tears dry, but my heart was in bloody gurgle:

strange Kuang Yin Xi, long overdue; hate their own fortune, good margin wretched; blame the heavens Xi, a tease! Secretly sigh, this life can not make a report Dade, died when the knot grass title ring.

Beijing mother did not understand at the moment Kuangyin heart difficulties, although repeatedly explain and persuade, but failed to melt the icy heart of Beijing mother nothing being done, the monarch of a country Kuangyin also had to give up.

So far, this is the enduring romance of a beautiful love, so that even the eternal regret.

After that, Kuangyin With indescribable feeling, such as filling the lead-like step bid farewell to the beloved Virgin Mother and Virgin Mother of the nunnery, and then returned after Qin Jin ferry, could not help a myriad of thoughts. This had witnessed his alternate and Beijing mother's love still Guandu, but Beijing mother he was cut off and the sound of wooden fish in the Red Dust, a really beautiful country and was not the same ah. To never miss Beijing mother, then this ferry to own and Beijing mother's surname given name "Chiu Tao."

Since then, "Chiu" and "Beijing sent thousands of miles mother" stories, he handed down from generation to generation.

related relics

Now Beijing Niang Lake is located in the northwest of Wu'an in Hebei, about 60 kilometers away from Handan. Beijing mother on the mouth, also known as Lake Reservoir, located north of the village on the mouth of Wu'an northwestern mountains, 30 km from Wu'an City, where it is now with mountains and water color opened as a tourist scenic spot and summer resort.

East Taihang Mountains Wuan Beijing Niang Lake, according to Feng Meng series "Jingshitongyan" records, Beijing sent thousands of miles Zhao Kuangyin Niang had this mountain road in places. Beijing mother Shanxi Yongji people, seventeen years old, with his parents went to burn incense and votive Quyang robbed, A Re Kuangyin his sword rescue, thousands of miles escort, Beijing mother of gratitude, trying to lifelong entrusted. However, Zhao said: "Xian Mei is not something that I Jiaozhuguse, this is loyalty both hands thousands of miles, if on this affair and that the thieves He Yi condition mercy repay non-gentleman is?." Beijing mother said: "Well Takami brother, this life can not make a report Dade concubine, died when the knot grass title ring. "so Jingniang voted Lake himself, (after being bestowed Mrs. Chen Yi) Beijing Niang Lake also named. Lake inverted "people" shaped, West and East, two, 2445 acres of water surface, water depth of 20-50 meters. Intermediate Island has a "Peak Park" green water and blue sky reflect each other meta-human story, so here are "Taihang Three Gorges" reputation, especially on the rock that year Kuangyin "Cloud Cliff send records," the inscription handwriting "For the future light spicy tart, thousands of miles fiery hair. A minute later to heaven, but in time to catch the residual star but months. "

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