81 automatic rifle

development history

81 gun family research goal is to use a gun to class family to replace 56-style semi-automatic rifle is equipped (imitation SKS semi-automatic rifles), 56 assault rifles (imitation AK47 ) 56 and a light machine gun (imitation RPD machine gun), still using the formula 1956 7.62 × 39mm cartridge. Since 1978, a formal decision in the future will use small-caliber automatic rifle caliber 5.8mm, so the purpose of the development of 81 gun family is to provide a transitional weapons and equipment before the small-caliber rifle.

In my country, do not have a gun family, so in 1979 the "new automatic rifle" became upgrade 81 type 7.62mm gun family. April 1979, the General Logistics Department Ordnance Department issued a tactical and technical indicators started to develop gun family in 1980 to the National Test Range, the end of 1981 gun family design styling.

81 automatic rifle

But through real proof, 81 gun family is an excellent weapon, good accuracy, reliability, easy operation and maintenance, good performance in actual combat. 81 rifle military aid from African countries.

appear rifle family basically adapted to the multi-shot, gun family series, ammunition universal trend, which greatly facilitates the training, use and maintenance, only strengthened the combat effectiveness of combat units, but also It provided the conditions for the exchange of firearms, enhanced firepower. 81 gun family has also exposed the lack of new structures, new technology, innovation and application of new materials, shape and even 56-style assault rifles are very much alike. However, achievements and experiences gained 81 gun family, especially innovations open playing drums, creating the conditions for research and development of new rifle.

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About firearms

81 automatic rifle rifle is a standard PLA equipment. To 1

81 rifle Grand View (6)

979 years issued a research task, design finalized in 1981, in 1983, officially put into mass production, the official People's Liberation Army equipment. Including the use of wood, said fixed butt 81 automatic rifle with folding butt, said metal 81-1 automatic rifle (also known eighty-one bar). 81 automatic rifle with a light machine gun Type 81 7.62 mm 81 gun family composition. The main structure of the same three types of weapons, the automatic machine, machine recoil, the firing mechanism, the air guide system for ammunition gun can be used interchangeably in each gun family, about 65 kinds of common interchangeable parts. Together with other component commonality rate of 70%.

overall evaluation

81 gun family design, through the cold, strict test conditions of heat, sand, submerge of rivers, sea water immersion, combat troops and equipment through practice, failure rarely. Water immersion test in the development stage to do 26 times, once early premature ignition, casing cover off the launch grenade, rear sight problems automatically jump codes, but improvements have been resolved, but still need to improve corrosion resistance. Stable quality in mass production, and the weapon every life test, rifle projectile is reached during no fault in 15,000 parts without cracks, no functional failure condition.

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