60 points tonight

Program features

"60 points tonight" hosting strong lineup, well-known commentator and large program host Jiang Changjian, the first financial senior host Yin Fan, senior media people Cao Jingxing Wei Xiaoxue, Qin Yi, Yu Fei, Wang Shuang and other Oriental Satellite TV News host jointly launched. The program will be committed to examining news, multi-screen presence, innovation integration with public perspective. News parties, reporters, authoritative experts will appear in live, with a multi-dimensional angle, enrich the audience's understanding of topics and events, and intertwined a three-dimensional news site.

program sector

"60 points tonight" consisting of "Key Time", "Focus Dialogue", "Global Eye", "New Finance" sector.

60 points tonight

"Key Time" combing important events that are most worthy of attention on the day, one scene, a sound, a picture, and the key moment of zooming in news.

"Focus Dialogue" Select the most topical news event on the day, the most explored news events, with multi-screen discussions under the host, focus on China. Public topics, geopolitan diplomacy, economic and trade, military dynamics, and other global hotspots related to China, are the direction of observation.

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"Global Eye" explores international events in Chinese vision, telling the news to the game, and the game behind the hotspot.

"New Finance" 10 minutes a day, from Lujiazui to Wall Street, reporter live reports, bringing significant financial incidents in the global capital market to deliver China's voice in the global financial governance system.

Broadcast information

Oriental TV: Monday to Friday 22:30

Note: Since March 30, 2020, the column officially renamed "Today Evening "

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