56-style light machine gun


China 1956-style 7.62 mm light machine gun is an oscillating RPD light machine gun (пд7.62 mm machine gun), introduced a full set of information from the Soviet Union in the mid-1950s, and craftsmanship Technical documents are based on comprehensive introduction, 1956 stilt, 63 years of improvement design, 56-1, a large number of equipment forces, 56-style light machine guns are the main weapons of the enemy in the BRIC in the melee. Use a bullet: China's 56-style 7.62x39 mm rifle. In 500 meters, it is best to shoot a single target, a concentrated firepower can shoot aircraft in 500 meters, an paratroopers and a group goal of killing 800 meters, and the warhead is still killed by 1500 meters.

Main characteristics

This gun uses an air-proof automatic principle, closed-lock film open latching mode, with the chain, and the bullet box, only connect, Fixed gun tube.

In 1963, the 56-style light machine gun was improved, and the production of 56-1 light machine gun was produced.

Insurance device

above the trigger, the right side of the machine, there is an insurance that is thumb. Down is insured, it is launched backwards.

The process of retracting the pull-pull unit, pull the insurance to the front, push the bamboo shoots covered by the bullet, pick up the cover, pull the chain to the left On the side, put it back to the drum, check, confirm that the introduction port and the shot have been empty, and close to the elastic cover. Take the lock of the bullet (behind the drum, below the machine), turn the drum back, pull the insurance to the back, grasp the pullover handle, pull the trigger, and slowly release the pullover.


56-type semi-automatic rifle elastic bag, only for loading. The combined portal can be equipped with a variety of equipment, such as 91 combat vests, except for 4 30 rounds, can also be installed 4 grenades and 1 kettle. According to its way, it can be divided into chest hanging, shoulder, and combat vests, where the combat vest is more functional, the quality is evenly distributed in the human body, easy to use, the human machine is good, it is the development trend of carrying .

56-style light machine gun

Specification data ​​h2>

full shot length: 1041 mm

Air gun weight: 7.00 kg

gun Tube length: 520 mm

线: 4, right <

supply mode: 100 bullet chains

Radio speed: 700 hair / minute

caliber: 7.62 mm

Target base length: 596.5 mm

Heavy: 7.9 kg

initial speed: 735 m / sec

Theoretical Radio: 650 Pack / P

Battle Radio: 150 Pack / Patent

Maximum Size: 2000m

Effective Range: 800 Mic

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