248 years

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248 years Boshin Lunar New Year, Weiqi Wangcao Fang Zheng Shi nine years, eleven years of Shu Han emperor Liu Shan Yanxi, Wu Dadi Sun Quan Chi Wu eleven years.

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Year 248 years

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Three Kingdoms, San Guowei, Wu Country


[Yanxi] eleven years [Zhengshi] nine [Chiwu] eleven years


Wei (detail) Three (detail) Shu (detail) Sun Wu (detail) < / p>


Wei [Zhengshi] Shu nine [Yan Hee] eleven years Soochow [Chiwu] eleven years

history notes

< b> Sima Yi seek to punish Caoshuang

Wei Caoshuang Zhuanshan affairs of state, excessive Jiaoshe, He Yan and other revelers. Sima Yi ostensibly ill health, to paralysis Cao Shuang and so on. Wei Zheng Shi nine years (248) in winter, Caoshuang partisan Henan (Henan Luoyang northeast) Yin Li to win Jingzhou provincial governor, resigned face Sima Yi. Yi made Liangbi serve. Holding clothes, clothes off; refers port side thirst, maids into porridge, Yi holding cup and drink, porridge are outflow dip chest. Seeing Li Sheng, said: "! He intended Esteem Cornell" Yi breathing stopper, Fang said his old pillow disease, died overnight. Sub-division, Zhao brothers entrusted. Li Sheng that give way and the state, and the state close to Hu. Sheng explained as it is the Jingzhou, and non-state. Yi loaded deafness puzzled. Sheng Cao Shuang told retreat Sima Yi thought and spirit have left, a cause for concern, then no longer cool preparedness. Sima Yi is the secret to their child in Hujun Sima Shi, Sima Zhao Sanjichangshi seek to punish Cao Shuang.

Guan Lu visited He Yan

He Yan heard plain County Guan Lu proficient in the art of divination, on the request to meet with him. December, BingXu (28), Guan Lu to visit He Yan, He Yan, and he discussed the "I Ching." Deng was also sitting on Guan Lu said: "You say to yourself good at research," Book of Changes ", but talk Shique never say" Book of Changes "speech righteous, why is this?" Guan Lu said: "good" Book of Changes, "the people do not say" I Ching he Yan praised he said smiling, "the.": "! really terse words which" so he to Guan lu said: "I try to please Bu Gua, look I can achieve the status of Three "and asked:"?? in recent days I always dreamed of dozens of bluebottle landed on the nose, all expel catch, this is how it happened, "Guan lu said:" the ancient eight yuan, eight assistant Kai Shun, Duke assistant to the king, both because of its mild respectful and compassionate and humble blessings for longevity, this is not a divination to decide. now your high position of power is large, but few people miss your gracious , but fear your power and influence, and this is probably not the way to seek happiness careful in addition, the nose is the day in the mountains, "Book of Changes", said: 'those in high-risk and not pour, you can hold the place of honor long' Today, this dream bluebottle filthy stuff gathering on your nose, which means higher social status will be overthrown frivolous luxury will perish, you can not help but think of the deep! hope you cut more, supplement inadequate ., substandard gift shop and go do something, so we can achieve the status of Excellencies, bluebottle may also be driven away, "Deng said:" you are nothing, "Guan lu said:." but older students who did not see the students often talk about who they met to talk about. "Guan lu returned home, put them all told him uncle. Guan Lu blame their uncle talk too straight cut explicit. Guan Lu said: "The dead and talk, what is there to fear!" His uncle was furious that Guan Lu was too proud.

Fuling Yi Min uprising

Shu Yan Xi eleven years (248), Fuling (now Sichuan pengshui) is a national barbarian uprising, killing Du Wei. Deng Zhi Shu sent cavalry general led his army crackdown, cut its leader, suiping.

of Cochin, nine true barbarian people uprising

Wu Chi Wu eleven years (248) in December, of Cochin (now Vietnam Hanoi North), nine true (now Thanh Hoa, North Vietnam) Yi uprising, did not attack the towns, pay the state commotion. Wu Emperor Sun Quan denominated in Hengyang County (this rule Xiangtan West) military governor Du Wei Lu Yin to cross provincial governor, Captain Annan. Lu Yin do any more than fifty thousand metaphor to grace the letter, drop by, Fuqing throughout the state.

Cultural Chronicle

The rise metaphysics

Wei Zheng Shi (240--249) between years, He Yan, Wang Bi representative to talk, in the form of Debate to use "I", "Zhuang Zi", "easy" to explain the Confucian classics for the content of the new academic trend has been the rise of this new academic trend is called "metaphysics" after the Western Jin Dynasty. Metaphysics is a major philosophical trends Wei and Jin Dynasties, is also an important part of Chinese philosophy. Can be roughly divided into three stages after Wei Zheng Shi years, the occasion of the Wei, Jin and Eastern Jin Dynasty. When merging with Southern Buddhist, Buddhist substituted. Metaphysics establish different schools in the academic point of view. There are philosophical proposition discussed whether, ins and outs, movement, the imagery, as well as the relationship between nature and Norm, etc., between Wei Zheng Shi period of years is the rise of metaphysics, He Yan, Wang Bi Metaphysics is the initiator, they advocate " no expensive ", to be silent advocates of" no spiritual body "for the world, but also pay attention to etiquette of Confucianism, Confucius respected. Proposed "Ethic this natural" that the nature-based, Norm is the end, Norm was there, naturally is no, not born, the Tsunatsune Norm natural inaction of Taoism and Confucianism as one. Propaganda "to few public governance", "The Prince inaction." While the other metaphysics pioneer Xun Can the proposed "six as a saint by the dregs" in favor of "Words Expression." Their views outlier refined, minimalist mysterious light, tilting when the world, scholars who did not follow the example of Jingmu, then into the atmosphere.

Birth Death

(1) Sima You Health

Sima You, word dayou (248--283), Hanoi Wenxian people, the second son of Sima Zhao , the second sub-Emperor, Wu Didi, Feng Qi Xian Wang, the official attract, Grand Marshall. Born Wei Zheng Shi nine years, Emperor Wu Tai died four years, thirty six years old. Yi Qi little while. Qing Yun peace, pro-Yin Hirsch, love books, to belong to the text, especially good chido, for the world as Kai. No child Sima Shi, thought heir. Shi Wei Zhian Chang Hou, moved to Wei generals. Emperor Wu Jianguo, the king of Xianning two years, as commandant. Taikang three years, as the Grand Marshall, the military governor of Qingzhou military. Yau prime parent Sho favorite. Emperor Wu in his later years, philosophers and weak, and do not make the prince, both inside and outside the courtier Yau is favored as heir, Henan, Jaap Yin Jia Chong should stand and say to the king, Emperor Wu Jaap and therefore the transfer Ren Guanglu hoon, Jia Chong was lift military power. Wei Guan Li and Yang Jun substandard also support the king, Wei Guan Wei Heng child is king commandant auxiliary against King Hui Li, Yang Jun was framed thus to the public on the first. The king integrity, in other unfavorable Xun Xu, is framed into the word of. Yau whom resentment hair disease. Yau anthology Volumes I and II ( "Sui Shu", "Tang Jing Ji Zhi") long - get lost.

(2) Wang Pingzu

Shu Yan Xi eleven years (248), before Jianjun, Wang Pingzu town of North General. Wang Ping (-? 248), the word sub Jun, Brazil Danqu (Qu County, Sichuan Province today) people. Beginning to Luoyang, Captain false, Zheng Cao from Hanzhong. After the fall of Liu Bei, thanks to goalkeeper teeth, Tsuginoikusanokimi army. Shu Lite six years (228) with the Northern Expedition, is a pioneer in the army Ma Su. Su scheduling any errors, do not listen to admonition Wang Ping, defeated in Jieting, only the flat led troops sounding drum sober. See special Chong significantly, Gabai join the army, into the discussion Kou generals, sealing Tinghou. Nine years, Zhuge Liang Wai Qishan, Wang Ping do not keep Nam Wai, Wei Zhang He will attack the flat, not grams. Twelve years, Wu Zhang Liang died, Wang Ping Wei Yan led his army and war, but a war level, then moved to the military Code Ann Han generals, and that brought Hanzhong Prefecture. Shu Yan Xi first year (238) to move before Hujun. Yanxi six years, Jiang Wan Fu still living, thanks to the former level Jianjun, General North Town, the system Hanzhong. The following year the summer, according to Xing Ping to thirty thousand soldiers more than ten million potential anti Caoshuang Buji, forcing cool retreat army. Rong WANG Ping-sheng long trip, the hand can not book, but the knowledge of the cross, and people read "Historical Records", "Han" Zhu Chi Chuan, listen and prepare to know the righteous cause. Dictation for the book, there are moral principles.

foreign affairs

In April 248 AD, the Roman city of millennium celebrations, organized by the reign of Philip the fourth year with the Arabs.

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