17th Oriental Fengyun List

Winners 17th Oriental Fengyun List



Best male singer:

Wang Feng

Best female singer:

Zhang Yuying

Best Album:

Hu Yanbin" Unemployment Love Song "

Chen Kun

Chinese top five (Mainland):

Huang Zheng

Chinese five (Hong Kong):

Ancient giant base

< P> Chinese top five (Taiwan):

Lin Yijia

< / TR>

Chinese five strong (Malaysia):


Chinese five strong ( Singapore):

Cai Jianya

Top Ten Golden Songs:

Liu Liyang Gift "

ten gold songs:

Wang Xiukun "Beijing raining"

Top Ten Golden Song:

Joe Ren Liang" Cute You "

Top Ten Golden Song:

Chen Chusheng "a person singing"

Top Ten Golden Songs:

Huang Zen "Who is I"

Top Ten Golden Songs:

Ashi, Ding Dang" Fire "

Top Ten Golden Songs:

Chen Kun "Rose"

Top Ten Golden Song:

Wang Feng "Spring"

Top Ten Gold Song:

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Zhang Yuying "Mulan Star"

Top Ten Golden Songs:

Hu Yanbin "Unemployment Love Song"

< / TR>

best combination:

Shuimu Yehua

Best Band:

and non-door

New Gold Award:

Conghao Nan

Newcomer Silver Award:

Massable team, blue bird flying fish, Wang Yuliang

New Cultural Copper Award:

Tang Dan, Zhang Wei, Gao Wei

The most popular EP Award:

Liu Liyang "Transfer Liu Liyang"

Best Producer:

Hu Yanbin

Best Singing:

Chen Chusheng

Best Composition:

Chen Chusheng

Best to sing songs:

Wang Yuliang, Liang Wenyin "full"

Best singing as new:

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文 齐

< B> Best annual leap:

Xue Zhiqian

Best style breakthrough award:

秀 "" Singing "in the other side"

Best Stage Interpretation Award:

Ding Dang

Best Singing Award:

Huang Zun " Who is "

Best public welfare combination: < / p>

brothers "height =" in the


< / TD>

The most popular Expo song:

Colorful World "

Best Music Video Tape :

Shang Wenyi "What"

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Best Word:

Wang Xiaoke "Beijing raining"

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