091 attack nuclear submarine

synonym-Han nuclear submarine generally refers to the 091 attack nuclear submarine

Development section

Development background

Nuclear submarine underwater combat capacity is much more powerful than routine power submarines, it Equipped nuclear power promotion system hardly requires oxygen and supplement fuel, with almost unlimited endurance, because the promotion system is huge, the nuclear submarine is much higher than conventional submarines. The snorkeling speed of the nuclear submarine is generally 30 knots, and can maintain a high speed above 20 sections for a long time. This is the conventional submarine that cannot be done. The other nuclear submarine is large, the internal space and load are also very large, can be equipped with a larger aperture Sounds, more weapons, attacking skills are also much higher than conventional submarines, and of course the cost and cost of nuclear submarines, especially a series of issues brought by nuclear power, and is very high for economic and technical level, and the general country is difficult to enter, so Only five permanent members of the Security Council and India have nuclear submarines.

In the early 1950s, due to the obvious advantage of nuclear submarines, the world's big country launched the development of nuclear submarines. On June 14, 1952, the Ceremony of the Nautilus nuclear submarine was held in Golden, 1954. On January 21, 1954, the world's first nuclear submarine "Nautilus" is underwater, and all completed at the end of 1954. On January 17, 1957, the "Nautilus" nuclear submarine began to trial, announced the birth of the nuclear submarine. The Soviet first-generation attack nuclear submarine is a 627-type attack nuclear submarine called N-class, which started in 1955 and started in 1958. Since 1954, the United Kingdom has begun to implement a nuclear submarine development plan. The first multi-purpose nuclear submarine is not officially served in 1963. In 1956, France also started to build the first nuclear submarine Q-244 boat and its reactor.

Construction Procedures

In June 1958, China's first nuclear reactor was officially completed and put into operation, almost at the same time, began to consider the China Navy's development of nuclear submarines. Shortly, a report drafted by experts in all respects, report the central government, and proposes China to develop nuclear submarines. This report has been approved by the central government. Mao Zedong said the famous words: "Nuclear submarine, 10,000 years will be coming out." China's nuclear submarine construction starts. First, the four teams of Luo Xi, who were the leader of the Navy, are responsible for leading nuclear submarine projects. Subsequently, the Navy and one machine jointly formed the overall study room of the Nuclear Submarine, and the second machine has built a reactor research room, and the Navy Equipment Minister is responsible for coordination. At that time, the scientific person in the hands of the US nuclear submarine photos were all their references. After approval, the Navy successively formed 6 research institutes such as 702 bases, water sound and thermal power.

In January 1959, the Naval Science and Technology Research Department was established, and the six research institutes were unified. Here is a famous scientist with Peng Shilu, Zhao Renxi, Chama, Huang Xuhua, Li Yi, Meng Ge, Liancheng.

In July 1961, the Central Military Commission approved the Naval Ship Research Institute, from Liu Huaqing. In 1962, the former Soviet Union had removed all the atomic energy experts from China. In addition to the economic difficulties, in order to give the atomic bomb, the nuclear submarine project temporarily horses, but retains a nuclear power research team of more than 50 people, and continues to engage in theoretical research And experiments.

1962, China's nuclear submarine first chief designer Peng Shilu began to host the demonstration of submarine nuclear power devices and the previous development of major equipment. Only 5 graded foreign nuclear submarine photos plus a toy model - China's knowledge mastered in the construction of nuclear submarines is almost zero. Through "self-study self-study", after two years of effort, the basic situation of nuclear power plants and nuclear power devices are basically found.

starts from 1965, China began to build an emotional reactor in the land as the driving force for future nuclear submarines. Developed two nuclear power submarines, including a nuclear power attack nuclear submarine, and a ballistic missile nuclear submarine modified on this basis.

1965, Peng Shulu is responsible for hosting the argument, design, testing and operation of nuclear power units.

In March 1965, the nuclear submarine project was again horses, and determined the "first development of anti-submarine torpedo nuclear submarines, and then born the missile nuclear submarine", and appointed Peng Shilu, Huang Wei Lu, Zhao Renkai, Huang Xu Huawei nuclear submarine chief designer, and requires more than two thousand institutions in the country, tens of thousands of scientific and technological personnel cooperate with the research.

In August 1965, China's first-generation nuclear submarine officially began to develop.

In 1966, the first 091 nuclear submarine (Long March 1, the jewnight number 401) began to design, and a 1: 1 entity model was built.

091 attack nuclear submarine

in 1968, start construction.

In May 1968, it began to drain, and the overall construction of the main jail was completed in November and completed the overall test water of the privilege. At the same time, there was also installed on April 28, 1970 and officially started on May 1.

On July 17, 1970, China's nuclear submarine land simulation pile started to increase power. On July 30, the test reached full power, and it was officially completed on land simulation stack. In the age of food, there is no computer, there is no computer, only one hand calculator, pull the calculation ruler, the plan, only 6 years, August 30, 1970, 1: 1 nuclear submarine built in China The upper mode heap start test is realized.

On December 26, 1970, China's first nuclear submarine completes the water and starting equipment installation. 46,000 parts of the boat, more than 1,300 materials, no use of a foreign screw.

began in April 1971, and the first accent joint test began in June, then the nuclear submarine underwater start heporphosis test. In July, nuclear energy is started, and the host test is taken, and the sea trial began on August 15.

On August 23, 1971, the boat used the nuclear power navigation to the test sea area to test sex high.

Service History

On August 1, 1974, the military festival, the Long March 1 was officially entered, and China has entered the ranks of nuclear submarine countries. Since then, there are several attack-type nuclear submarines to build service.

On August 7, 1974, the Long March 1 delivered the Navy.

In the end of 1985, China's "Long March 3" nuclear submarine conducted a trainee training in Ocean, in the long-range training in several months, the boat wore the canyon, walking down, and smarts with foreign ships Zhou Xuan, finally broke the 84-day record of nuclear submarines created by the US "Nautilus".

In 1988, China's nuclear submarine conducted an ultimate deep dive test, and Nuclear submarine chief designer Huang Xuhua also participated in this dangerous test. The test has achieved a complete success. These two experiments have proved that China's nuclear submarine construction level is high, and there is a combat capability, and it has made a good foundation for the further improvement in the future.

From August 1974 to December 1990, the 091 attack nuclear submarine served.

At the end of the 1980, the first two boats received upgrade modification and retired from 2000 to 2001.

Technical Features

Design Features

091 type attack nuclear submarine Self-service has been plagued by various problems, including underwater noise, weapon system Complete, etc. The subsequent boat has a big difference, and the muffler tiles have been installed at the beginning, and various equipment have been upgraded, known as the 091-II level, and further upgraded in 1998, and the efficiency is installed. High muffler tiles may modify weapons.

Habilated Structure

091 Attack Nuclear Submarine Command Tower The enclosure is located in the middle of the hull, and the submersible rudder is located in the height leading edge. The head of the command tower is perpendicular, and the rear edge is slightly tilt, the bottom is smooth. The tail is tailored, the tail rudder is towering, the front is slightly pouring, and the trailing edge is vertical. The housing rudder and the cross-type tail operated surface layout, double boat shell, equipped with 4 tail rudder. The main equipment on the boat is located in the second floor of the deck, including the peri-lens, carrier radar, communication, and satellite navigation equipment.

Service dynamics

091 type attack nuclear submarine usually in China, sometimes it will also come to the sensitive waters.

In 1996, in the Taiwan Strait Missile Crisis, a 091 nuclear submarine penetrated into the US Navy aircraft carrier's battle group, and it was actually proved that the noise and technical level of the 091 level did not imagine.

In November 2004, a 091 nuclear submarine was found in the Japanese Maritime Security Department in Shijigu Island, and the Japanese government did only reach a sea guard action order after three hours, causing the Japanese domestic unregrandless, this It is the famous Han nuclear submarine crossing event.

Overall Evaluation

China's developing country is completely relied on its own ability, independently develops nuclear submarines, which is a miracle, which greatly improves China's national defense strength, Science and technology strength and international prestige. Looking forward to the future, there will be more, more advanced Chinese nuclear submarines are swimming in the blue ocean, become a "deep sea shark" that makes any money.

China has strive to reduce the noise of the nuclear submarine, and China has been upgraded several times in the past 40 years. "In the past 20 years, the Chinese Navy's use of the submarine has shown that the 091 nuclear submarine is not as noise as the US media, but should recognize the noise level of the 091 nuclear submarine is not as low as the US Navy Ohio nuclear submarine in the same period. "Although the 091 nuclear submarine is approximately 20 years compared to the US nuclear submarine, it can still make a threat to the American aircraft carrier.

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